2012 Shareholder Letter

Warren Buffet’s #1 fan!

One of the ways that Mr. PoP has enjoyed learning about business over the years is by reading (and re-reading!) Warren Buffet’s annual Shareholder Letters written to the shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway. In these letters, Mr. Buffet outlines the achievements of the previous year, and often talks about the […]

How Do You Go From Minimum Wage to $80K In A Year? Part 2

In case you didn’t catch Mr. PoP’s first post, this is the second post in a series on how he went from a minimum wage job to making $80K in a year through commission sales positions. Here’s how the series is shaping up:

Part 1: A Little Background and Moving Into Retail Sales Part 2 […]

Seeing A Minimum Wage Job As An Opportunity

Kitty PoP is ready for business!!

Looking at our recent income statement, you can see that Mr. PoP and I make pretty good money. Yes, August was a little higher than usual so it’s a bit skewed – but our year end gross pay is in the range of $70-80K for each of us, […]