Life’s A Marathon – Where Are You At?

At a recent road race, I heard another runner pass on some great words of encouragement:

“You’ve put in your deposits with all your weekly training runs, now you’re just cashing it in to buy that dream you’ve been saving up for.”

There’s a lot of truth to that statement. […]

Opposing Approaches To Budgeting

$5? Sorry, Don’t Have It! (click to tweet this!)

A few weeks ago I had to contribute $5 to the office fund for my boss’ birthday gift – and I had to tell my colleague collecting the money that I would bring it in Monday since I didn’t have any cash.

Cash or Credit?


Keeping Track of it All

What do we have to keep track of?

3 pieces of real estate 2 car values 2 checking accounts 2 savings accounts 2 money market accounts 2 real estate backed loans 2 (now just 1!) car loans 2 401K accounts 2 IRA accounts 1 taxable stock trading account 2 rewards credit cards 2 emergency credit […]