How To Recover From A Bad Budget Month

Mr. PoP here –

Little Bunny-Foo-Foo, I don’t want to see you… busting the budget.

After blowing the budget for the second month in a row, Mrs. Pop and I discussed some ways to keep costs down in November. The frustrating thing about our October expenses was that the stuff we spent […]

A Lesson On Double Counting

Kitty PoP doesn’t have a “teacher hat”, so this one will just have to suffice…

Today I’m putting on my “teacher hat”, because lately I’ve been seeing some pretty blatant errors in “double counting” in some other personal finance blogs out there. So pull up your chair, and let’s have a quick lesson.



Opposing Approaches To Budgeting

$5? Sorry, Don’t Have It! (click to tweet this!)

A few weeks ago I had to contribute $5 to the office fund for my boss’ birthday gift – and I had to tell my colleague collecting the money that I would bring it in Monday since I didn’t have any cash.

Cash or Credit?