PoP Balance Sheet – September 2012

Good growth here on the PoP balance sheet as well. We’re continuing to knock out some good growth on the assets side while also hacking away at those liabilities.
  • Our total assets went up ~$7.4K with most of that in retirement stock funds.
  • Our total liabilities dropped by ~$5.2K, so they are also moving in the right direction.  The big news is that with a lump sum payment to the HELOC principal this month of $4.5K, we have now paid off half of the $38K HELOC in the last four months.  Current balance is $19K.  Back in May it was $38K.  Can I do a happy dance yet?
  • Net worth rose by about $12.5K from last month!  I’m less excited about the growth in the retirement stock funds even though they are the bigger portion of the growth because that’s money that we won’t touch for a VERY long time, and I wonder if we’re not looking to a market correction towards the end of the year.  Which would likely make our nominal net worth decrease… Any market prognosticators want to make a prediction?  Post it in a comment and we can check and see how right you were in a few months!
  • Total net worth as of the end of September is $356.9K.

And for the details…


Why do we look at our assets and liabilities split up this way? For us, it’s an easy way to look across all the different categories of assets and see which ones we have equity in, and how much equity. If the Assets bar is taller than the Liabilities bar, that’s equity in that asset class.


Stock Accounts

  • 401K accounts: $77.8
  • Roth IRA accounts: $91.3
  • Non-Retirement Stock Accounts: $0.6
  • Total Stock Accounts: $169.7

Real Estate (based on current market comparable sales)

  • Primary Residence $170
  • Investment Duplex: $70
  • Investment Residential Land: $80
  • Total Real Estate: $320

Cars (values from Kelly Blue Book)

  • Car 1: $8.9
  • Car 2: $13.1
  • Total Cars: $22.0

Cash Holdings

  • Checking Accounts: $10.0
  • Savings/Money Market Accounts: $20.0
  • Total Cash Holdings: $30.0

Total Assets: $541.7


Real Estate Backed Loans

  • Primary Mortgage: $106.5
  • HELOC on Investment Duplex: $19.0 !!!  Half of the balance on the May 2012 Balance Sheet!!
  • Total Real Estate Backed Loans: $125.5

Personal Loans (Unsecured)

  • Personal Loan from Family Members: $50.0
  • Total Personal Loans: $50.0

Car Loans

  • Car 1: $0.0
  • Car 2: $7.7
  • Total Car Loans: $7.7

Revolving Credit

  • Credit Card Balance: $1.6
  • Total Revolving Credit: $1.6

Total Liabilities: $184.8

Net Worth = Assets – Liabilities

Net Worth = $356.9


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