Pimp The PoP’s Garage – Part 4 – Get Rich By Enduring Chaos

20130728-145116.jpgPart 4 in our ongoing DIY Garage renovation process. For new readers, feel free to start along at the beginning of the garage process with:

Mr PoP and I occasionally live amongst chaos for extended periods of time. When we were renovating our house, this meant that we moved in as soon as there were kitchen appliances and a sink and shower without any plumbing issues.  It was months before we had a couch, and years before we bought a coffee table.

While our current level of chaos isn’t nearly the same as when we first moved in, progress on the garage has slowed and provides a great example of just what we are willing to live with for weeks (sometimes months!) on end in the name of balancing our desire to DIY around the house (saving boatloads of money) with working full time, living life, and being okay not devoting EVERY SPARE SECOND to making progress on a DIY project.

Current Chaos In the Laundry Area

Where we last left off in our garage update, our $1,000 in shelving was up and we had spent a good weekend organizing most of our stuff. The next mini-task was the laundry area.

The laundry area began this project as a messy closet without doors containing one large set of ineffective and awkwardly-sized plastic shelves (soon to go on Craigslist for $20!) and our top/bottom laundry set. Underneath both of those was some sheet vinyl flooring that gave me flashbacks to the old floors in my parents’ kitchen. Estimated install date, 1985.


Scraping vinyl flooring…

What Progress Has Looked Like

Thanksgiving Weekend (Mr PoP out of town). I cleaned out the closet and scraped away the vinyl flooring. I also patched all the holes in the walls from shelving brackets that were so old we’ve never seen the shelves they went with.  I was able to get half of the closet painted, and the entirety of the floor scraped before reaching my limits in terms of moving the washer/dryer around by myself.

20131215-132355.jpgFollowing Weekend – We head off to Art Basel. Art Basel Miami Beach only comes around once/year, and living life is important! On Sunday, Mr PoP removed some drywall to take a look at what plumbing he had to work with since we’re adding a wall-mounted utility sink next to the washer in the closet and will need to add on to the existing water sources and drains. Research ended up taking a while – apparently plumbing “to code” for this type of sink varies quite a bit from place to place. So we had a wall with drywall missing and insulation pulled out for a week.

This Past Weekend – Some good progress. This weekend we’ve had more time, and Mr PoP was able to mock up the plumbing set up and is currently hard at work plumbing the sink in. As we wrap up the weekend, the plumbing is built out, but we’ve left the wall open just to make sure that the washer runs without any water leaking slowly over time.

Still To Do…

  • close up wall
  • finish sink mount and installation
  • patch drywall
  • move washer and dryer temporarily
  • finish painting walls
  • finalize prep on floor
  • paint floor
  • put washer and dryer back in closet
  • mount shelving
  • install timer switch for light

The list doesn’t look all that long, but yes… it might take us the better part of 3 weeks (or more?) to finish. Why? Because this is an incredibly busy time of year for us. Work is hectic for both of us (Mr PoP especially) with end of fiscal year business, and the holiday season just adds another layer of complexity on top of it.


To Some of Our Friends, This Looks Insane

We have friends that, as much as they admire the fact that we do this kind of work ourselves, would go batty if this were going on in their own homes. The idea of having a wall open with insulation sitting on the garage floor for a week or more is just “too much chaos” – they’d have a heart attack living through the second week of it, especially if it were around the holidays!  They’d need to pick up the phone and call a professional if their DIY attempts did not show immediate results on a project like this. (They would have been especially nuts the weeks when we went without siding on parts of the house because we ran out of time on weekends.)


A couple sides of our house were like this for days…

It isn’t as though we like living in construction zones. We just seem to be a lot more tolerant of them than some of our friends. If we didn’t have to work 40+ hours per week (and the “+” really kicks in this time of year), we wouldn’t have to be so tolerant of delays. But that’s life. We’ll get the project done eventually, but until then, we put up with the mess.

And we know that our bank accounts look a lot nicer because of what we’re able to put up with in our home.


How do you deal with chaos, particularly of the DIY variety?  

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