Pimp The PoP’s Garage – Part 3 – Saving $$ Through Organization

20130728-145116.jpgWe’re finally starting to see some real progress now that we’re months (!) into our DIY garage renovations. For new readers, feel free to start along at the beginning of the garage process with:

The garage project is by no means done, but we did make what feels like some major progress over the past two weekends. We bought and installed almost $1,000 (gasp!) in shelving and storage. We had looked around at our local Habitat Re-Store and other similar thrift stores, as well as checked out the local Craigslist ads, but we hadn’t found enough shelving that would suit our needs and continue to be durable and versatile for a long time to come. So we bit the bullet and bought new shelves.

A lot of shelves. And some transparent bins to go on them. Then we got organizing. And what did we find?


We’ve Been Wasting Money With Crappy Organization

We had a pretty good idea before we started this that we’d find products that we had looked for and been unable to find in the recent past. And an inkling that we might even find some duplicates of tools and products, but I think we were both surprised at just how many duplicates and repeats had been hanging around the garage.

What Did We Find?

20131110-153136.jpg6.5 pair of knee pads + Mrs PoP’s pool kickboard that is used for knee comfort. This is enough to provide comfort for 15 knees at once! (…15 knees you say?)

3 cans of sprayable grout sealer. We haven’t sealed grout since the duplex grout about 2.5 years ago, but we’ll keep this since Mr PoP is making noise about redoing our own ugly tile in 2015.

4 cans of bug killer. From this you might think we get a ton of bugs, but that’s just not true. I see about 1 bug per year and flip out when I can’t find something to kill it, so run to the store and buy a can of bug killer. 4 cans = 4 years of living here = 4 bugs. Total.

A lifetime supply of grease and oil including: 2 cans of WD-40, 2 cans of Liquid Wrench, 2 containers of Di-Electric Grease, 1 container of multi-purpose oil, 1 container or air compressor oil, 1 container of chain oil, 1 container motor oil…

And to clean up after all that we’ve got 2 containers of Gojo, a couple containers of Goo-Gone, and three cans of Gunk brake cleaner.


5 separate opened boxes of #6 1 5/8″ drywall screws that could be combined down to two boxes. This is in addition to the huge assortment of other screws and nails that we also uncovered and have organized. New house rule – no one’s allowed to buy a nail or screw without confirming it’s not already among the two giant containers of nails and screws I spent hours organizing.

We have 7 hammers, 3 of which are nearly identical claw hammers. This is fairly ironic since Mr PoP is ridiculously bad at hates hammering (that’s what nail guns were made for – and don’t worry, we have lots of rolls and strips of nails for those guns!).

20131110-153130.jpgAnd then there are the 12 Phillips drill bits I found while sorting through and organizing the screws. These finds were my favorite since the morning before the organizing frenzy Mr PoP had stripped the one he was using to install the shelves and had to run out and buy another because we couldn’t find one anywhere!

There’s more, but you get the picture. We’ve been wasting money (a few dollars here and there) buying duplicates for a long time, when all we really needed to do was get our workspace organized.

Will It Pay For The Shelves?

Considering that we just dropped about $1K on shelving and organization, it’d be awesome if we could say, “See – here’s $1,000 worth of money we won’t spend now!” And while I think that we have just saved ourselves some money, it’s tough to quantify exactly how much since I don’t have a good concept of how quickly we go through most of these items. Seriously – do you know how much di-electric grease you use in an average year?

Needless to say, I’m pretty sure it’s going to take many years of staying organized for the shelves to “pay for themselves” by preventing us from buying tools and supplies that we already have. However, in terms of relieving head-aches, the shelves are already starting to fulfill that purpose, so I’m going to go ahead and count the shelves as a (somewhat expensive) win for the time being.  As well as a reminder that the bathroom cabinets are due for a reorganization, too.

Note from Mr. PoP – As we were organizing I kept finding different items that were unused and unopened. After returning them to Lowes and Home Depot, I found that we had about $100 in various bolts, electrical bits, and doo-dads from when we were refurnishing the duplex and our house totally unopened.  Now we have store credit. We’re rich! Rich, I tell ya!


So what are you going to organize to help save some money?

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