Update on Medical Costs

This is not what a foot is supposed to look like. =(

This is not what a foot is supposed to look like. =(

Over the past few months there has been an uptick in our “medical” spending, and there will be even more when we publish our Income Statement for August in a couple weeks.

While some of our medical spending is planned (like Mr PoP’s fancy glasses we bought last summer), this definitely hasn’t been. This year, and especially the last few months, haven’t seen me at the top of my game, physically, and it’s occasionally been a bit of a roller-coaster emotionally.

Here’s what that roller-coaster has looked like:

The Bad: The pain, obviously. It’s in my foot. =(

The Good: I have insurance and benefits and resources which I’ve been able to use to get more information about and address said pain. Continue reading Update on Medical Costs

Happy Friday – We Are Done Reporting To “The Man”!

Today is a very happy Friday, indeed. Since today, we are officially done reporting to our city inspectors for the permit on the remodel, and I couldn’t be more relieved.

Our permit was getting rather long-in-the-tooth, given that we initially pulled it back in the fall of 2014 before the plumbers that we hired to relocate some pipes in our concrete foundation could start their work almost 22 months ago.

We chugged along pretty well through 2015, checking off boxes on our permit, but things MAJORLY slowed down for us as we neared the end of 2015. In late 2015, we actually had to pay a small fee to extend our permit since it was about to expire and we weren’t finished. That bought us 3 more months, then a well-timed easy mechanical inspection of our stove vent in February bought us six more months on the permit. Then we basically sat on it… mostly out of nervousness (on my part) and laziness (err, time optimism? – to steal a phrase from Mrs Frugalwoods) on Mr PoP’s part.

Much like this cheetah, Mr. PoP is capable of great speed. When he feels like it.

Much like this cheetah, Mr. PoP is capable of great speed. When he feels like it.

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Sexism, Delivered by the USPS

In my 33 years living on this planet, I’ve mostly lived what I hope is close to the prototypical life of a modern female. That is, there have honestly been very few times in my life where I have directly experienced sexism.

  • I never had teachers or parents that discouraged me from STEM pursuits. Though oddly, I did have a math teacher at a summer camp who was trying to encourage all students (both male and female) to yell, “I hate math!” Equal opportunity discouragement, I suppose.
  • I was never pressured to be overly concerned with my appearance (my intellect was judged to be far more important by parents and other authority figures) and as a result have never been much for wearing makeup or keeping up with the latest fashions. It also helps that Mr PoP actively dislikes it when I wear makeup.
  • I’ve never been subject to a dress code that differed from the men I’ve worked with – so no requirements for panty hose or high heels. I’ve never felt talked down to, and certainly have never heard anyone in a professional environment call me “honey” or “missy” or “little lady”.

Granted, it hasn’t always been a perfectly gender-blind life I’ve lived. There was an emeritus professor where I went to grad school who particularly enjoyed hazing female grad students. And I had one supervisor early in my career who was hazing me, his only female new hire, but his actions were quickly addressed by those above him.

But in all the areas that really matter in life, personally and professionally, it has been a very rare occurrence that sexism has been directed my way. (Unlike some of the rather ridiculously blatantly sexist remarks coming out of the Olympics – holy cow!) In my day-to-day life, sexism is so rare, that when it does occur, even when it’s something that doesn’t matter, I feel inordinately bothered by it. Especially when it comes directly to my mailbox.

Or Rather, Mr PoP’s Mailbox, Apparently

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Happy Friday – A Tiny Dish Drainer!

pantry - now with cabinet doors on the bottom!

pantry – now with cabinet doors on the bottom!

In a small house, there’s only so much space to go around, no matter how efficient you are with it.  And no matter how much we tried, there was no way to add a ton more counter space to our kitchen.  (Though we have incorporated some tricks that hopefully we’ll show off when we’re done to make them look and feel more expansive…)

What we can do, though, is limit the number of items that “live” on the countertop to make the space we have more usable day-to-day.  To that end, the appliances (like the blender and toaster) found a new home in the bottom of our pantry cabinet (now gloriously hidden behind cabinet doors).  The microwave lives above the stovetop instead of the counter (even if I still think it’s kindof ugly there).  The last big thing that sat out on the countertop all the time was a big ol’ rusting and gross dish drainer that sat on a plastic tray that had to drip into the sink.  This week, we finally figured out what we wanted to do to get that thing off the counter. Continue reading Happy Friday – A Tiny Dish Drainer!

Happy Friday – Happy Anniversary, Florida!

IMG_0578The seven year anniversary of our wedding (cheap and wonderful as it was) was last month, and it passed in our typical understated fashion. But we’re also celebrating another anniversary of sorts this summer – our ten year anniversary as Floridians.

Here’s what the inside of our card to Florida marking this occasion would read…

Dearest Florida,

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