PoP Income Statement – August 2015

Welcome to our August 2015 Income Statement!

Kitty PoP testing out the cabinetry (he approves) as I test my very first drawer frame… a toe kick drawer!

Mr. PoP and I put these income statements together for two reasons. First, we want to be transparent about our finances because we’re trying to be role models for other people who are trying to plant their own pennies (and end up with dollars someday!). Second, we do this to make sure we’re on track to meet our own long-term goals. If you’re not tracking your income statement and balance sheet, we highly recommend you start using a program like Mint to keep track of it all.

Spending was a bit on the high side this month, but not too crazy considering how our spending has been going (what with things like the ongoing kitchen renovations  and buying crazy expensive glasses) this year.

Kitchen spending continued at a moderate pace, most of which are related to flooring this month as we rented and accumulated some tools to help us prep the floor and install the tile. Hopefully we’ll make more progress next month so we can share installation shots on next month’s update (and, ya know… so we can have a floor again!).

Travel spending was up as Mr PoP departed to visit a friend and hang out in San Francisco and Yosemite and we gave him a pretty generous “per diem” for incidentals while out there. Since his trip overlaps August and September, I’m expecting to have about the same amount in additional incidentals on September’s report as well.

Other than that, nothing too out of the ordinary this month.

But here are all the details…

The Bottom Line

  • Earnings before principal paydowns and savings allocations of $6,294.  

And here are the details…

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Happy Friday – First Harvest!

Lemon, 2 berries, and 1 pit of the berry I ate.

I pulled the first miracle berries off my miracle fruit plant and tried them last night!

Procedure: Wash berry and pop in mouth.  Break skin and smoosh the berry around in your mouth to coat as much as the surface of your mouth and tongue with the sweetish, kindof slimy pulp.  Then lick a lemon or something else sour.

By golly, it was a miracle in my mouth!  Maybe not on the order of Jesus turning water into wine, but that berry turned my lemon into lemonade right in my mouth!  I jumped up and down and of course had to text friends who I had told about my exciting new plant a year and a half ago.  They laughed at my goofiness, but shared in my joy.

Sometimes it’s the (literally) small things that make me truly ecstatic.  =)

What are you happy about this Friday?

Our DIY Kitchen Renovation – What Is Taking So Long?

We’re into our eighth month of our fairly epic kitchen renovation project. Some friends (and some readers) have been starting to wonder why the heck it’s taking as long as it is.

Doesn't look a whole lot different from this today...

Doesn’t look a whole lot different from this today…

At the start of the project, Mr PoP thought there was a good chance we’d be wrapped (or wrapping) up by now. As recently as April, I thought there was a decent chance we’d be racing my best friend to the finish line with our respective 2015 projects (her pregnancy and our renovation, which are still remarkably similar). Well, she’s technically full term now (due next month), and unless that kid decides to somehow incubate in the womb for an extra few months (which my friend desperately hopes isn’t the case), his grand unveiling to the world (yes, it’s a boy!) will definitely predate our kitchen’s.

I’m now optimistic that we’ll be able to score some deals on fancy-pants new kitchen appliances on Black Friday and that sliding those in place will be the capstone purchases/actions of this entire project. (This was written a couple of weeks ago… now we’re not so sure on that timeline.)

So what the heck is taking so long?

It’s More Than A Kitchen

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Happy Friday – Cuddle A Kitty

His antics regularly make my heart melt. =)

Most mornings I stumble out of bed when the alarm goes off at 5am. Kitty PoP, who has almost always spent the last few hours hanging out outside on our screened in lanai, also hears the alarm and greets me at the sliding glass doors. I let him in. After he circles my legs a few times, I pick him up and nuzzle his little face and (unless he’s feeling particularly ornery – read “bite-y”) give him some belly kisses as he stretches across my arms. When he starts to squirm, I set him down and after grabbing a glass of water meander over to the couch to decompress and try to wake up.

Once I’m seated comfortably on the couch, Kitty PoP walks over and eyes me. He tilts his head and surveys the landscape of the couch. A moment later he’s jumped up and is climbing onto my chest and lap where he starts nuzzling my face and kneading my chest and stomach. If I knock him off (not always being ready for hard core face nuzzling at 5:02am), he waits a few seconds and then hops back up to nuzzle and cuddle some more.

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A Friendly Reminder To Check Your Benefits

Today we’re keeping $225 in our pockets because I clicked on a link in the member portal of Mr PoP’s vision insurance and checked Mr PoP’s benefits even though I was 99% sure a bill wouldn’t be covered.

Mr PoP has risk factors for glaucoma that means he should have been getting regular visual field tests after he passed age 30. Getting Mr PoP to the doctor for something non-urgent is a challenge, so I finally got him to an appointment last month for this exam. A year later than he really should have gone. =P

Everything we’d been told about this test, by the eye doctor and by Mama PoP who has had many of these tests herself over the years, was that these tests are always billed through medical insurance, not through vision insurance. Mr PoP has a high deductible health plan, so we *knew* going in that we’d be footing the bill to pay for the entire exam since he’s never been anywhere near his medical deductible.

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