Outsource Or In-Source?

What separates us from lots of other couples we know? Mostly I think its our ability to step outside of our middle-class existence to save money in ways that our peers simply do not. Example-the AVERAGE cable bill in America is about $90, and you can bet high income earners can spend considerably more. Cleaning services, lawn-care, dry cleaning, the daily lunch out, it all adds up and before long you’re paying a whole cadre of people to take care of your lifestyle.

Lots of my friends have lawn-care because its only 35 bucks a week for something that would otherwise take them 2 hours to complete. Since my friends consider themselves well-paid at about $35 an hour, they reason that because their time is worth more than that of the lawn care guys, it makes sense to pay them. WRONG! While you may make $35 an hour while at work, you should be comparing the $15/hour you are paying the lawn guy to the $0/hour you are making while sitting on your ass on Saturday Mornings! Nobody can be at work, making their full wage, for their entire life; you’re going to have down-time. Mrs. PoP and I use that time productively to do chores and tasks that add to our bottom line, instead of hiring somebody else to “just do it” for us.

So the next time you have a task to perform that you would hire somebody for, ask yourself “should I out-source this and pay somebody else, or should I in-source it and pay myself?”


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