Net Neutrality-What it is, why it matters

We try to stay out of Politics but are making an exception today regarding the FCC’s latest attempt to screw the american consumers even harder abolish Net Neutrality.

Q: What is Net Neutrality?

A: It is a regulation that ensures that all websites (like this one) compete on an even playing field.

Q: Why is it important?

A: If we loose Net Neutrality your ISP (Comcast, AT&T, Cox, etc.) will be able to make you pay more for visiting certain sites-much like a cable bundle. For example, you could get the $30 per month package that includes facebook and, or the 50$ package that includes, and netflix. Or the $100 package that includes, and (that’s right, we know you’d pay that!)

Q: That’s terrible!

A: It gets worse, but I don’t have time (or the writing skills) to do it justice. Watch this video instead:


The FCC vote is scheduled for December 14th. If you’re pissed at the FCC allowing big ISPs to screw you (and you should be), then go to here to call your congress-critter: or go here and comment to the FCC directly:


So dear reader, have YOU called your representative yet?

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