Rebranding – Now Spending Our Pennies

Dearest Readers,

It is not without great consideration that we have chosen to undergo the following changes here at Planting Our Pennies.  Today we begin the process of rebranding, and the blog will now be known as “Spending Our Pennies”.  Much will remain the same, but some things will change.   Mr. and Mrs. PoP will now go by the pen names Mr. and Mrs. SoP (it has a certain je ne sais quoi, no?) and will continue to be the primary authors.  Our tagline and primary foci will continue to be “Money, Happiness, Kittens”.

Proposed New Banner

However, you may notice a subtle difference in the tone of some of our writing as part of the new direction that we’ll be taking.  Some of the areas where you might notice a difference include:



We have too much of it. Seriously, have you seen our balance sheet? It’s like we never heard of leverage. Happily, we’ve already begun to recitify this oversight by pulling $30K of equity out of our $50K duplex and buying Mr. SoP a NSX.  We’re going to be following up by buying Mrs. SoP that new kitchen she’s wanted, along with hiring somebody to re-tile the entire house. They had better be good; we’re gonna pay top dollar and we deserve the best. Do you think Kitty SoP’s paws are going to slip too much if we go with Italian marble for the floors?

You can also expect to hear more about Mrs. SoP’s new side hustle as she experiments with MLM.  If this thing takes off like we hope, we may just have to change the tagline of the blog to “Money, Happiness, and Multi-Level-Marketing”.  Fingers crossed!



Happiness is still going to continue to be a major theme of our blog.  However, you can anticipate us being a tad bit more realistic about the links between material posessions and happiness.  Can’t buy me love?  Not!  We’re now going to take our philosophy lessons from those No Fear shirts that were popular in the 90’s.  He who dies with the most toys wins!

Whenever we’ve had a rough day at work, instead of heading to the gym or grabbing our spouse and going for a walk around the neighborhood, we’re going to treat the situation much more directly and go straight to the mall.  And not the outlet mall, either.  You can’t buy happiness with last years’ fashions and gadgets!  We’ll need the full priced ones, and lots of them to make sure we’re happy enough to go back to work the next day.

This kitten is too cute, right? via



If having a kitten around amazing – and trust me, it is! – wouldn’t a bengal tiger kitten be better?

Kitty SoP is going to get a new friend!

Just kidding about the tiger, we’re actaully getting him a caracal to play with! They’re only a few thousand dollars, but they look just fabulous!  This little guy looks harmless, right?  Those ears aren’t meant to stalk us as prey during the night, nor are his muscular limbs that way for mauling our faces off.  He’s sure to be a lover, not a fighter.


In case you missed the date on this one, it’s April 1st.  Happy April Fools! We’re kidding about everything but the NSX-Mr. SoP wants one so badly he is raving and drooling whenever he sees one on the streets.


With Love,
Mr. & Mrs. PoP SoP!


Any other good April Fools jokes out there today?  We’d love to hear about the prank you played on your co-worker, spouse, or child!

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