Lost Wallet: Reward If Found

MISSING WALLET!!! Reward If Found!!!

MISSING WALLET!!! Reward If Found!!!

Last Confirmed Sighting: Publix, around the corner from the PoP’s house. Definitely used wallet (and credit card therein) to purchase groceries on Sunday afternoon.

Last Believed Sighting: Next to phone and headphones on top of couch. 95% certain that the wallet was set out with other items (phone, headphones, water bottle) to load into my panniers for my bike commute to work on Monday morning.

Sigh… My wallet seems to have vanished into thin air.

I’m pretty darned sure I remember packing it with other work items to make the trip to the office with me on Monday, but then I didn’t see it in its usual spot on my desk at the office later in the day and assumed I must have forgotten it at home. At home Monday night, I glanced around a little, but didn’t see it and assumed I must have slid it into a drawer or something at work.

On Tuesday I looked harder at work, but didn’t see it so assumed it must have been at home, just not in plain sight. Then Tuesday night, Mr PoP and I searched high and low at home to no avail.

Wednesday morning I rode my bike extra slowly to work, stopping to inspect every smallish black object on the side of the road (most of them were pieces of tire rubber) hoping to find my wallet. Nope.

Nothing has yet been turned in to the office lost and found.

And I even asked one of my jokester coworkers if they played a little joke on me by hiding it and then forgot to tell me. I knew it was a long shot – they didn’t.

So here I am. It’s now Wednesday evening and I am wallet-less. It’s kindof a weird feeling, honestly.

One part of me is very annoyed with myself. I genuinely love the wallet that I’ve been using for almost 10 years and it’s gonna cost $40+ or so to replace with another one just like it. Then I’m going to need to drive to the DMV and buy a replacement license ($25). The credit cards and insurance cards should be free to replace, and I’m definitely not worried about losing my Panera Bread and PetCo rewards cards. But I’ll never recover the $200+ in cash and another $100+ in gift cards that happened to be in the wallet. And of course, I *had* to lose my wallet when I (who almost never has more than $5 in my wallet) was carrying more than $200. So yeah, I’m definitely partly annoyed with myself since the monetary delta on this loss is about $400. (Jeez… what is it with me and expensive mistakes sometimes?)

But there is another part of myself that really isn’t stressing this all that much, which is where the weird feeling comes in. This “not stressing” is a very un-Mrs-PoP reaction. “Not stressing” is not generally how friends and family would describe me, especially when it comes to important documents. Yes, I’m checking Mint a few times a day on my phone (instead of my typical once or twice a week) keeping an eye out for fraudulent charges. But I feel like I’m still in the watch and wait mode and hoping that my wallet just magically turns up.

Tentatively, I’m willing to “watch and wait” for another week or so before starting to call credit card companies to get new cards issued. Unfortunately (by which I mean – entirely due to my irresponsibility), my wallet was chock full of various cards, so this affects all but three cards numbers available to us at any given time. Four if you count Mr PoP’s corporate AmEx as available for us to use, which I think everyone (including Mr PoP’s employer) agrees it really isn’t. =)

So yeah… This is the first time I’ve lost a wallet in 20 years. And honestly, part of me is still convinced my brother stole my wallet that time since I had just received a $50 cash prize for racking up the second-most volunteer hours at church youth group. The crisp $50 bill was in my wallet, and *that* wallet was last seen in my Kaboodle, spring 1996. It is a strange coincidence that the more cash (and in higher denominations) I have in my wallet, the more likely it is to go missing… Pretty sure I can’t blame my brother on this one since he lives a couple thousand miles away.

Anyhow… Have you seen my wallet? =)

Am I doing the right thing by watching and waiting a little bit? What would you do in my shoes?

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  • Oog. My husband loses his wallet frequently, so if you were him, you should definitely wait. (And it would probably be under the driver’s seat of the car, even though you were sure you’d checked that place three times already). But for someone who hasn’t lost a wallet in ten years, that sounds more like something to fret about.

    About once a year, I take all the cards out of my wallet and photocopy them, front and back. Same with my husband’s. The few times we’ve lost our wallets (as in, really lost them, not just car-seat lost them), this has made replacing everything easier.

    Good luck finding it again!
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    • Copying the cards on a fairly regular basis sounds like a great plan. Do you make a habit to do it when filing taxes or something else so you remember?

  • Did you check the car? Could have slid under a seat or in between the seat and something else.
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    • Under the car seats, center console, and trunk. Nowhere to be found in the car, but the last time I was in the car was Sunday, so the car always felt like a long shot.

  • Aghhh, I’m so sorry to hear that! I’ve had my wallet stolen several times and it’s such a gross, terrible feeling. It depends on what you want to do, but I would recommend alerting the companies right now. The people who took mine tried to use the cards within two hours of the incident, but by then I had already reported it stolen and was not liable for charges.

    I hope you do find it, though! You’ll get new cards issued and everything, but at least the cash and gift cards would be there. Safety first with the cards though!
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    • The second I see any transaction I will definitely call it in, but I’m still inclined to wait another few days to give me some time to really search high and low over the weekend. I *really* don’t want to deal with replacing them all if the darned thing is in the house somewhere.

  • I lose anything and everything that’s not attached to my body, so I feel your pain. Did you check the grocery bags or in the fridge? I’ve found stuff in weirder spots (these days I get to blame the cat!). Good Luck!
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    • Not in the fridge, and on your advice I just checked out the empty grocery bag pile…. nothing!

      If I could find a way to blame this on Kitty PoP, I would. But I’m pretty sure I’m the (ir)responsible party here.

  • I’m a watch and wait person too. I often misplace my wallet because it moves between my backpack, diaper bag, and purse.

    Strange idea: did you really thoroughly check your couch? We lost our firestick remote for quite awhile. When we flipped over our couch, we found that there were some weird cloth things designed for . . . not sure. Maybe catching stuff so it doesn’t hit the floor? The firestick was in there. We really had to investigate the entire couch to find it.

    good luck!
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  • Katy

    Ditto on Leah’s suggestion! A lot of older couches have this weird….curtainy thingy underneath? I’ve seriously lost stuff that slid down between the cushion and the arm and got stuck in that thingy (where it’s not visible from above, but not on the floor either). Now we’ve learned that if something is missing, there’s a decent chance our couch ate it.

  • I would’ve started calling the credit card companies the next day. I don’t lose things, and especially with something important like a wallet, if it’s not in its designated spot, it’s probably gone for good. I did leave my bank card inside an ATM once, but luckily it was in our office building and someone gave it to the security guard.

    You never know, though. Our house was broken into years ago and my mom’s purse was stolen. Someone ended up calling her a few weeks later because they found it tossed behind a bush the next town over and wanted to return it. Of course the cash and cards were taken out of it, but you get it back yet.
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    • It’s been a pretty weird month around here, so I guess I’m buying myself a little slack for being discombobulated on this one and *REALLY* hoping I just mislaid it somehow. Fingers crossed it turns up over the long weekend or I’m buying a new drivers license and starting to cancel cards on Tuesday…

      Another part of me hopes a stranger finds it. Even if they take all the cash, if they use a few bucks from the wallet to mail it back to me (my address is in it!), I’d be thrilled!

  • I’ll add another vote for wait and watch. You never know where that thing could turn up. I tend to lose my pocketknife for a few days at a time. I eventually bought a back up so I have one to use while I wait for the lost one to turn up.

  • The credit card companies may be able to hold you liable for fraudulent charges that are made on your credit card if you know it’s missing and don’t notify them, so I would let them know right away. I’ve been able to put a 24-hour hold on my credit card before to give myself time to look for it, so that might be an option.

    Hope it shows up somewhere. $200 cash is a shitty thing to lose!

  • I can’t figure out how to reply directly to your question: this is a response to “Copying the cards on a fairly regular basis sounds like a great plan. Do you make a habit to do it when filing taxes or something else so you remember?”

    A few years back, I started following a suggestion from the Motley Fool to have a “Financial Fitness Day” about once a year. That’s the day I photocopy cards in the wallet, check that our insurance (etc) rates are really the best we can do, check credit reports, and other boring but useful financial things. I don’t do it the same time as taxes, mostly because that’s a busy time of the year for me, but I suppose a person could do it then.

    The best link I can find to this idea is here: http://www1.cbn.com/finance/get-in-financial-shape-by-taking-a-%22fiscal-health-day%22
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    • I know Ron Lieber of the NYT has written about the concept of a financial health day and it always sounds good, but I always thought there seems to be so many things with different deadlines throughout the year that it’s pretty impossible to sync up them all. (And it might be overwhelming to try everything in a single day!)

  • Mama PoP

    I always copy both sides of all of my cards (and passport) before a big trip and take one copy with me on the trip and leave the other copy at home.

    Is there any point in checking our car? Or anyone’s car you have been in since Sunday? I imagine Publix would have contacted you if someone turned it in there, but maybe it’s worth checking with them.

    • No point in checking your car – we haven’t been near it lately. And our car has been thoroughly checked and Publix was called earlier this week. This is truly a mystery.

  • Smith

    I had a very similar incident just a week ago! But this time, it was my house key. I very vividly remember putting it on my bureau.And then … it vanished. I can’t tell you how many times I looked for it within a circumference of about 50 feet.

    Still, no key. But I know that it’s got to be in the house *somewhere.* So I’m trying the wait-it-out method as well. Good luck!

    • Keys can be frustrating because you *know* you couldn’t have gotten where you are without it, right? =) Gotta say, one of the best upgrades we made to our house was getting a keypad lock for our front door so we don’t have to carry around a house key. One less thing to worry about!

      I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you find your house key! Maybe it’s hiding the same place my wallet is!

  • Drat! That’s so frustrating. It probably fell out in transit and got run over or some such.

    But…did you check all objects NEAR or ON the couch? I lost a pair of expensive prescription glasses once. They were gone. As in GONE gone. Couldn’t imagine what could have happened to them.

    Weeks went by, and they stayed gone. Finally I went down to the optical shop to order up a new pair of larcenously expensive glasses. Vast amounts of cash were ponied up.

    One day I’m dorking around in the bedroom and I happen to pick up a knitted throw. I’m about to spread it on the bed (it’s been too warm for extra throws before) when I find something caught in it. Darned if it wasn’t the glasses!

    Somehow, they had worked their way down into the folds of fabric and gotten caught on a piece of yarn. So even though I’d looked at the throw and poked it around, my little searches hadn’t dislodged the glasses. It took actually picking up the throw and shaking it out to reveal the things. Might look to see if there’s anything like that nearby the sofa or bike.

    What about inside the wife’s purse? Any chance she might have changed purses and maybe your wallet got dropped in the other purse? Or inside an object in the pannnier? And of course there’s always the classic hiding place: underneath the driver’s seat in the car, where all escaping objects go to evade human notice.

    Check to see if you can order a new driver’s license online — we can do that here.

    Good luck!
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