Kitty PoP and The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

I’m just going to lay it out there. Kitty PoP is weird.


Who are you calling weird?

I never had a cat before Kitty PoP, so wasn’t aware they could have such distinct personalities like this. But even Mr. PoP (who grew up with lots of cats) attests that Kitty PoP is one of the weirdest cats that he’s ever met.

His little oddities are adorable and bring us tons of joy on a daily basis – heck, it’s one of the main reasons he’s such an entertainment value. But all that joy stops pretty abruptly at 2am when you find yourself in a puddle and you have to hope it’s not toilet water.

Let me start at the beginning…

Kitty PoP’s Favorite Frenemy: Monkey

Monkey was one of Kitty PoP’s first toys, and it’s one that he’s grown inordinately attached to. From his first meeting with monkey when he was just a kitten,

Kitty PoP has always loved dragging monkey along on all of his adventures, like helping us fix the track on this broken tea towel drawer

But there’s little that brings him more joy than attacking monkey and attempting to tear his dear frenemy to shreds…


Normal, Right? Not Quite

All of this is fairly normal and par for the course with animals and their relationships with their toys, but Kitty PoP’s relationship with monkey goes a few steps further in the odd direction.

  1. Monkey is his nightly sacrifice to gain entry to the bed. Every night, we go to bed. Anywhere between 10 minutes and hours later, Kitty PoP realizes all the lights are out, grabs monkey and heads to our bed. There, he presses his paws up and down on me (it’s called kneading and has something to do with making a bed softer for sleeping or getting more milk from momma cat), until I reach out and take monkey from him. Only after monkey is safely in my hand will he curl up at the edge of the bed and go to sleep. Weird, right?
  2. Monkey is Kitty PoP’s perpetual murder victim. (Seriously, Kitty PoP is a psychopath.) And one of his favorite methods of killing is drowning. With too much time on his hands and an open toilet seat or a nice full water dish, Kitty PoP feels the urge to give monkey a good dip. He doesn’t usually do this when we’re around, but we can follow the trail of tears – err water – from the source to the sopping wet monkey and it’s usually pretty clear. (As, luckily, is the water in the toilet that monkey went swimming in.)

These oddities are all pretty endearing. Seriously, we really do love our little psychopath. But when #1 and #2 get combined is when I encounter that thin line between love and hate.


Is This A Toilet Monkey?

It’s that moment in the middle of the night when I’m woken up to dripping water on my face or a nice cold wet spot in the covers where a sopping wet monkey was deposited on my chest or legs if I didn’t wake up fast enough. And there’s a split second where I have to remember, “Were all the toilet lides closed before bed?”

Not fun. And I’m screwed if Kitty PoP ever figures out how to open the lid of the toilet seat.


What do you love to hate about your pets? Or your kids? =)

39 comments to Kitty PoP and The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

  • Bahaha Kitty PoP is soooo cute. We’re training Julep to sleep on the floor right now. She acts all innocent and sleeps in her bed at the beginning of the night, but inevitably I wake up and her curly tail is around my neck. Sneaky sneaky!
    Cat Alford (@BudgetBlonde) recently posted..4 Ways to Start Saving for a New CarMy Profile

    • Haha, that totally sounds like something Kitty PoP would try if we tried to train him not to sleep on the bed. Luckily on a queen sized bed there’s plenty of room for us and a 9-lb cat =)

  • “Seriously, Kitty PoP is a psychopath.” Hilarious!

    We haven’t had any psycho pets, but once had a cat that would play fetch just like a dog.
    Mr. 1500 recently posted..Thursday Rant: An Update on my Wasteful NeighborsMy Profile

    • Definitely a psychopath – he is the definition of a natural born killer!

      As for the fetching, I’m impressed. Kitty PoP never got the whole “bring back” part of fetch, but my MIL has her cat trained to fetch =)

  • Haha. Awesome. We actually have a little stuffed monkey that our cat loves as well. He doesn’t throw it in the toilet or offer it as sacrifice, but he does carry it around and attempt to tear it to shreds. They’ve gotta exert their power somehow!

  • Awww what a cutie!

    Yesterday for our photos, our French Bulldog wouldn’t turn around for the photos. He was cute and fell asleep right when we started, but his butt will be in every picture!
    Michelle recently posted..Emergency Fund or Pay off Debt?My Profile

  • Anne

    Between our two cats, there is no toy that makes it anywhere near as long as Monkey, that’s quite the bond Kitty PoP has! Related to #1, ours would not go to sleep at bedtime, so they have their own bedroom (spoiled brats, right?) with cat towers and an old IKEA couch that we put them in for the night so they don’t keep us up.

    • wow, so spoiled! =)

      As for monkey, technically this is Monkey #3. We’re pretty sure #1 and #2 were flushed before we realized that he had his little toilet fetish and he went through them in the first 18 months we had him. But Monkey #3 has lasted 2.5 years so far, which I think is pretty good… though I have ordered every one of these monkeys that I see come up on ebay. Little did I know when I got it they were limited edition, so now we have another 3 or 4 monkeys in reserve. I hope that’s enough to last Kitty PoP until a ripe old age. =)

  • CincyCat

    LOL! Animals are certainly an adventure. Our cats used to get in our faces at night when they were kittens. One used to sit on my husband’s chest & “chirp”. (I have no idea how Mr. CincyCat managed to sleep through that, but he did.) The other used to climb up on the bed stealth-mode style & breathe in my face until I woke up. At 3:00 AM. Some people are vehemently opposed to what I’m about to say next, but after a few weeks of this, they were introduced to the water gun. It worked like a charm.

    • oh my! I would freak out if I was inhaling cat breath in my sleep. As for the water gun, I completely understand. We have a spray bottle that we keep filled with water that Kitty PoP HATES. If he ignores us when we keep telling him to stop doing something, we usually just spray the area with the water bottle when he’s nearby and leave the water bottle sitting there and he’s deterred for a long time. I don’t know why they don’t like those things!

  • Oh my gosh, this is hilarious. When I read the first two examples, I thought “That’s not *so* bad…” Then I read the combo of the two – yuck! :) I don’t have pets, but I awhile ago, I was pet sitting for my friend’s cat and he knocked down my CD tower (okay, it was like a decade ago). I got so angry and the cat tried to snuggle, so I slid him aside to fix my CD’s. He noticed I was upset, and with his little paw started batting at the CD’s as if he were helping me gather them up. It was hard to stay mad after that!
    anna recently posted..Link Love, Ladies’ Night EditionMy Profile

    • Awww, that’s adorable! If only our little guy could figure out how to grab a washcloth and wipe up the floor after dragging a sopping wet monkey around the house. =)

  • Haha, sounds like you have a crazy kitty on your hands. I never grew up with cats, so I didn’t really know what to expect when we got one a little over a year ago. They sure are interesting, and fun, little animals. Just a little bundle of joy, haha.
    Jake @ Common Cents Wealth recently posted..Weekly Recap – June 14th, 2013My Profile

  • Your kitty is so adorable! My bf’s cat is pretty weird, too. One day, he’ll love me and other days he’ll want to hurt me :( It’s like a surprise every time I come over!
    Lisa E. @ Lisa Vs. The Loans recently posted..What Does It Mean To Be Rich?My Profile

  • Ivy

    This is really an entertaining cat. Ours has grown quite lazy these days and we actually enjoy the calm and quiet compared to his kitty years. Nowadays the biggest excitement is when somebody has left the outside door open a bit longer than needed, and we can’t find him quickly to confirm whether he is at home. Last fall I had guests who left the door ajar when fetching things from their car, and I promptly sent everybody outside in a big search party until we found and “saved” him.

    • Kitty PoP really is entertaining – such a goofball!

      Glad you guys were able to “save” your cat when he got out. If he’s anything like Kitty PoP, his big adventure probably didn’t even have him crossing the property line to the neighbors =)

  • Super cute story. I have no pets, so no cute stories to share.
    Savvy Financial Latina recently posted..Never Burn BridgesMy Profile

  • Kitty PoP is just TOO adorable, I love his markings! I actually named one of my cats PK for Psycho Kitty. She was crazy and provided a lot of entertainment. She also hunted whatever bugs found their way in, which was useful.

    My cat right now is pretty crazy in that she just runs from one end of the house to the other in three seconds. She has a habit of sitting somewhere, with one paw up, so it looks like she is posing for something. She will also randomly flop on her side and start attacking your feet if you pass by. None of my cats have ever had an attachment to a toy though!
    E.M. recently posted..How I Stopped Spending So Much on Beauty ProductsMy Profile

  • Cooper (our little family member) is known by all of our friends as the world’s friendliest cat. Even as an adult he loves to play. He has a knack for opening cupboards. If a door is closed (they all have magnetic latches) he’s figured out how to open them. Cheryl used to get so frustrated at the kids and I for leaving cupboard doors open all over the house. Turns out, she was upside at the wrong family member…..
    AverageJoe recently posted..The Stack – Big Thank You EditionMy Profile

  • I have a dog. I will continue to have dogs. If I am ever plagued with vermin I will consider a good mouser but other than that I will stick with reliable, nonpsychotic dogs.
    Jane Savers @ Solving The Money Puzzle recently posted..Which Rich Witch Is Which, Password Fail And Money Quickies June 12,13My Profile

  • I love the first picture of Kitty PoP. He’s such a person!

    My cats are not excessively weird, I don’t think. One of my cats chews plastic; the other chews on himself (or grooms his buddy when she’s close enough). He also has dragged the bathtub plug by its chain out into the hallway a number of times. Not sure what’s going on there.
    Remy @MLISunderstanding recently posted..Strides in SnowflakingMy Profile

    • He pulls the bathtub plug out into the hallway? Love it!

    • CincyCat

      Wow… Funny you should mention a cat eating plastic. One of our cats loves to lick plastic grocery bags. He doesn’t eat or chew on them, but he loves to lick them. I have no idea why!

  • My neighbor’s cat used to bring entrails from his hunting conquests home and leave then on the front door mat.

    Our dog, Mo, can’t walk very well on the wood flooring. She’ll do good for a few months, then have a crash, and it’s like she forgets how to walk. She will stand on the carpet looking at us like, “Please carry me.” Very odd dog, but she’s really sweet.
    Kim@Eyesonthedollar recently posted..My New Obsession, Credit Card RewardsMy Profile

  • awe!!! cats on the funniest creatures on earth I swear! Where they get their personalities is beyond me!
    Budget and the Beach recently posted..Link Love/Greetings from DetroitMy Profile

  • Lol, our pets are totally crazy. We love them, but they sure get into all sorts of things. Thankfully none of them have a toilet fetish. My mom’s cat used to drink of the the toilet all the time. He also used to poop in the bathtub. We tried to switch these behaviors with no success.
    KK @ Student Debt Survivor recently posted..Weight Watchers Here I ComeMy Profile

  • All cat are their own special breed of crazy. Ours just recently has been freaked out by our slow purging and moving process. We got rid of a loveseat, and she wandered around the house looking behind objects for the loveseat when she first realized it was gone.

    I would definitely make sure all toilets are closed all the time if my cat went in them. She actually likes water, but she hates it on her paws, so I think I’m safe on all counts. (true side story: I can bathe my cat peacefully as long as I keep her little paws out of the water.) If KittyPoP does ever figure out the lids, know that you can get toilet lid safety locks. They’re designed to keep kids from drowning, but they’d work just as well to save monkey.
    Leah recently posted..Some ReadingMy Profile

  • ha hah!!! 😀

    Cats are by their nature weird. It’s an adaptation for living with humans: the more weird behavior, the more fascinated we humans are with the cat and so the more food we give the cat.

    Cassie the Corgi has a similar predator’s love-eat relationship with her stuffed vultures (yeah…i know…we think the animals are weird?). She wants to chase them around (propelled through the air the Servant Human) and once she catches one, she has to kill it by shaking it to death.
    Funny about Money recently posted..Summer is the most expensive month…My Profile

  • My mom’s cat hates my younger sister. You’ll hear him growling all the sudden, and realize her car just pulled into the driveway. When she moved out of their house after High School, he took to “washing” all of his toys after she had come to visit. Cloth, stuffed or plastic, everything made it into any available water source (toilet or bowl) for a good dunking. When she started having kids, he also started “washing” every pair of baby socks he could get his little paws on. The funny thing is, he hides the entire time she’s there, so it’s not like she’s trying to play with him or otherwise interact! He just does not like her for some reason.
    Ms.W @ GrowingHerWorth recently posted..Saving My PenniesMy Profile

  • This is great! We have a wiener dog and she is endlessly quirky and it makes our day on a regular basis! Enjoy kitty POP, he sounds awesome!
    Lindsey @ Cents & Sensibility recently posted..Google-Fu and my Weekly Review: June 10-16My Profile

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