Kitty PoP – An Entertainment Value

I’ve just spent the last ten minutes watching our cat, Kitty PoP, repeatedly jump as high as he could while “hunting” a lizard he had absolutely no shot at. The lizard was on the opposite side of the screen, and was completely unfazed by Kitty PoP’s determination. As I watched him jump again and again, I think “what an entertainment value that cat has turned out to be.”


Kitty PoP – adorable, huh?


Our little cat really is entertaining. In addition to hunting lizards, Kitty PoP practices his stealth stalking abilities from the safe confines of our screened in patio. His desired prey is generally any animal that deigns to come near that patio… but alas it’s almost always on the opposite side of the screen. He slinks around chattering his teeth while following armadillos, osprey, rabbits, lots of water fowl, and otters. He even thought it would be nice to go after the bald eagles that landed in the backyard once. (Can’t say the little guy understands that he would in fact be prey for some of those animals were that screen not there.)

He also hunts Mr. PoP and I. Kitty PoP will hide behind doorways and propel his entire body at our legs when we walk through. We’ll wrestle for ages with his favorite toy, and watching him fall in the pool once was hilarious! (Don’t worry, he was fine and had pulled himself out even as Mr. PoP was jumping in to save him.)

A born hunter…


Kitty PoP is also a lover in his own bitey way. He greets us at the door whenever we come home and loves to be in the same room as we are. If we shut off all the lights and get into bed without him noticing, inevitably a few minutes later he’ll start walking around the house meowing as though saying, “Where are you guys?” If we call out to him in response, he comes to the bedroom and takes his position at the foot of the bed for the rest of the night. It’s pretty adorable, actually.


So yes, Kitty PoP is highly entertaining. But how much have we invested in him?

We got Kitty PoP midway through 2009, and since he was a rescue kitten, as well as our first cat, there were some startup costs, so to speak. Between his initial vet visits, litter box, scratching post, toys, and climbing tower, we spent almost exactly $500 on him in 2009. Since then it’s leveled off…

  • 2009 – $500 ( 2 vet visits and major supplies purchases)
  • 2010 – $234 (1 vet visit, the rest is toys, food, and litter)
  • 2011 – $219 (1 vet visit, a few toys, food, and litter)

So far, Kitty PoP has been a healthy happy little guy, and is staying well under the $930 – $2,060 that the Sun Times thinks a cat would cost per year. Pending serious health complications, I can’t see those expenses rising a whole lot over the next decade.

So at under $20/month the last two years, I would have to say that Kitty PoP is a true entertainment value.

What could you buy for $20 a month that might bring similar joy? How much are you all spending on pets?


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