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  • congrats! I used to cycle to work as well and enjoyed the physical effort after a day of work, it was the ideal place to let go of work and get ready for life after work.
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    • Exactly. Even with my relatively easy ride, it’s just enough effort and fresh air for me to have gotten rid of office stress by the time I get home. =)

  • Woo! Way to go Mrs. POP! That’s awesome. A 9 mile bike commute is for winners. So you might only save $8 in gas, but shouldn’t you prorate the cost of maintenance/ buying a new car by mile? The irs says $.55/mi and i say $.30/mi, but either way its a win win. Also, when I stopped driving to work, I realized I stopped buying as much random stuff because there wasn’t the urge to pull over and buy new shoes or whatever.
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    • I love that new shoes were your weakness. Mine tended to be specialty grocery stores. Oh, whole foods is only a mile away? Don’t mind if I do!

  • Good for you! I like all the side-benefits you’re noticing besides simply saving gas money, like your husband enjoying his “chick car”. Sometimes we only realize all the positive consequences of something when we try it.
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    • Another positive side effect – I’m dressing nicer at work! Jeans are bulky to carry compared with sundresses, so I look cuter at the office, too!

  • Wait until July, you’ll rethink not driving. I spent some time in FL and it gets ungodly hot. One guy I worked with biked in 4 days a week. He said the morning commute wasn’t bad, but the afternoon was hell. He was also lucky because we had showers that he could use after riding in. He drove in one day a week to restock professional clothes in his office.
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    • I’ll let you know. July and August are our main storm months, so that might be a little hit or miss. I also have the benefit of coming home to a pool so if I get gross on the way home I can jump in and cool off really quickly.
      As for heat, I actually grew up with summers significantly hotter than FL, so FL heat doesn’t really bother me. As long as I’ve got hydration, I think the heat won’t be the issue, just the possible storms.

  • WOOOHOO! I haven’t rode a bike in YEARS. We have been thinking about buying bikes, but just haven’t done it yet.
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  • I haven’t cycled in forever! I don’t even own a bike at this point. I’d love to bike to work but my commute is a long one, and getting up that early just isn’t for me. I’m so impressed that you’re doing it though!
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    • Thanks! I know I’m lucky – this route is just perfect for biking. I’m kicking myself for not starting this 3 years ago!

  • Brian

    8 Year old helmet? I’m not one who believes in change for the sake of change, but it might be time to replace it. Most manufacturer’s suggest every 5 years (though that might be a little bit of marketing). If you truely believe your brain is one of your most valuable assets, you should probably go a head and spring for a new one.

    I would love to bike to work, but the path I would have to take is a little dangerous and would take well over an hour. Maybe I just need to suck it up and do it though!

    • I hadn’t thought of the age of the helmet. I’ll have to look into that. FWIW, it was only used for about 1 year and has been in an inside closet ever since and never in an accident. I’ll ask one of my local bike friends to take a look at it and let me know if they think its unsafe. If they say it is – a new helmet will be well worth the expense!

  • My commute is literally a highway that starts in our homeowners association and ends at my workplace (though the highway itself continues past). The side of the road is littered with crosses commemorating young people who lost their lives in car accidents on that small stretch. They’ve since put in a lot of stoplights so there’s less turning against traffic. I spend about $20 on gas each month. During the summer I have a difficult time making it from my air conditioned car in the parking lot to my air conditioned office, and my parking spot is pretty close to the door.

    More power to people who bike to commute.
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    • You spend in a month what we do in about 2 days of regular of regular gas consumption, so I understand why you wouldn’t want I risk the dangerous highway for that. My commute is nothing like that. It’s the last route that connects past the back bay, so I go through mostly residential areas, and a few golf course communities with condo buildings. Wide shoulders through most of it, and sidewalks the entire way.
      I really don’t think I’m risking safety with this route – heck it was driving on the main drag that I was rear ended.

  • Awesome! Keep the motivation up! I made a deal in March to ride every day for a month. Then I’d reconsider after that. And then I did it again in April. It was a great month and now my body is pretty accustomed to riding in the morning. I did it for a month because I wanted to give myself enough time to get used to a new morning routine. I can’t believe at how fast we get used to biking. The ride is 5x easier now than it was a month ago! Keep up the good work and make sure to give us an update at the end of your experiment!
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    • Thanks, Stephen! Everyone will be able to see the progress in our monthly income statements by how much we spend on gas!

  • Ouch, I hope your sunburn is healing. I can’t remember the last time I rode a back since it’s been so long. :( Distance-wise, my commute is bikeable. I hesitate though since there aren’t dedicated bike paths and I don’t like the feeling of vehicles bearing down on me.
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    • Thanks, Tina. The sunburn is totally healed since the pic was snapped about a month ago. It definitely peeled, though!
      Yeah, I don’t know how I’d like it if there weren’t sidewalks or bike lanes. =/

  • I’m so happy for you but I’m so nervous to try this myself! Our commute is bikeable I guess – I mean, other people do it – and it’s not far, only a couple miles. But there are no bike lanes and not even a shoulder on the road we live on so cars back up behind bikes until they have a chance to pass, which makes me nervous for the cyclists! Also I’ve been very wary of biking since one summer when, all on bikes, my father suffered a traumatic brain injury after being hit by a car, my friend lost 4 of her teeth in a crash, and another friend crashed and was fairly badly bruised and scraped up. I think I’d be more apt to take the bus than bike if we want to give up the car, but as we carpool it isn’t much cost for the high convenience.
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    • That’s a lot of bike accidents all at once. I hope everyone (esp your dad) has recovered.
      I was young and cocky and didn’t wear a helmet the first year or so I biked in school. But I took a spill and ended up with bruising bad enough that I had to go to the hospital to make sure I didn’t have blood clots on my 23rd birthday. I bought myself a helmet for that birthday. (Or did you buy it for me, Mr PoP?). I never ride without it now. Not even down the street.

  • CincyCat

    I’ve thought about biking to work, but I think investing in a small “vespa” type scooter might be more feasible. There is a pretty steep ravine & creek valley between my house & work, which means there would be about a mile or two of incline BOTH ways. I could go around the ridge, but would end up needing to cross highway exit/entrance traffic at rush hour, which is not appealing. With a scooter, I could better manage the hills, and avoid the highway. Based on the number of miles I consume in a week vs. gas mileage, I figure it would pay for itself fairly quickly.

    • Hills? What are those? =). I can see how a Vespa would pay off through regular use and let you take the hills a bit easier. Are motorized bikes legal in the US? I know I’ve seen them in Europe to help with hills, but can’t say I’ve ever seen them here.

  • Love, love, LOVE this post! Welcome to the bike to work club!!!
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  • Anne

    That’s great! I bought a bike (I didn’t move my old one to Vegas, I probably should have but it didn’t fit in the Uhaul and I hadn’t used it in forever) off Craigslist last month but that’s as far as I’ve gotten. My total commute is 50 miles one way and 85% highway since I literally work on top of a mountain, but I meet my carpool about 8 miles from my house so I’m going to try and start riding on days I’m a passenger. I’ve been putting it off since I’ll have to get up before 5 to do it, but I’m willing to test it out and see if it wakes me up!

  • Jonathan

    I would love to be able to bike-commute, but it’s not feasible. Aside from the fact that I live about 17 miles from my office (and if I had to stick to bikeable streets, it would be at least 20), I have to attend meetings and evening events fairly frequently that require driving. If I lived within, say, 5-10 miles of the office and with a convenient bike path, I’d definitely do this once in a while when I didn’t have any meetings scheduled.

    • That’s similar to Mr PoPs situation. Biking would be over 25 miles on streets where people drive 60mph or more with regularity. But he is very jealous of my bike commute now!

  • That sunburn looks SO brutal! OUCH!!! I used to ride my bike to work occasionally and the only thing I found annoying was that I hated sweating on the way there, and feeling like I might be stinky. lol! And I also had to lug work clothes with me, along with other work items and my lunch. Sometimes I have to admit it felt like a chore…and we had cash incentives to bike to work! I, however, do need to ride my bike to the beach more. There is just no excuse for not doing that, and like you I need to put it back in my house for that constant reminder.
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    • Maybe I should do another post on what I carry to make it easier? The simple answer is that I store a lot of stuff at work and just being fresh clothes and my laptop bag most days.

  • Super cool, MMM is smiling someplace! I love commuting by bike, less $$ for gas, no car wear and tear, exercise, etc.

    Be careful around the cars though, especially in your neck of the woods. My biggest fear is a distracted driver running me over. I use a rear-view mirror on my helmet and stay hyper aware of traffic: http://www.amazon.com/Cycleaware-Reflex-Bicycle-Helmet-Mirror/dp/B00012343C
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    • I’ve been eyeing some of the rear view mirrors that some of the old folks have on their handlebars. Hadn’t considered a helmet attachment. Thanks for the link ill look into it!

  • You are far braver (and more in shape!) than I. After reading some Mustache myself, i was looking at biking routes to work. The issues is it would take twice as long each way, and right now, time with my family is MUCH more important that cost savings. Also, I get a FREE carpool ride to work, so not much incentive there. The only thing that would make it worth it for me is the exercise.

    You guys rock, btw :)
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    • Yeah, your cost/benefit structure is totally different. Between the baby you want to hang out with and the free carpool, I think you’ve probably got it optimized right now. But someday you’ll teach the little dude to ride a bike!

  • I used to have a commutable bike ride, and it was amazing. I did not have the luxury of a shower at work, so I took a container of baby wipes and wiped myself down after I got in. They did a really good job, and no matter where you live (except Atlanta) it shouldn’t be that hot in the am to really get you too gross for work.

    Good luck with your commute, and check your email. I sent you a note.
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    • My mom friends turned me on to Huggies One and Done after seeing me pay a ton for ponds wipes to use after a lunchtime gym session. Love ’em!

      I’ll check the inbox tonight for your message! =).

  • Wow, you’re already a machine with the running mileage, now you’re even more of a machine – do I sense a triathlon in your near future? :) I had to laugh at snowbirds – we get those, too, and “Zonies” in the summer (my parents are from AZ, I can say this ;)).
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    • Haha, unless they replace swimming with a sport that doesn’t make me hyperventilate I’m not seeing a whole lot of triathlons in my future.

      Yup, FL does not have a monopoly on snowbirds, but we sure do get a lot of them!

      • I don’t know about Florida, but there are triathalons here in Minnesota that do kayaking as the third sport. That’s the kind I want to participate in. I like to swim, but I’m slow as heck.

        • That’s cool, I’ve never heard of kayaking in a tri. I’ll look into it, but I’m pretty terrible at kayaking! =)

  • This is awesome! I’ve always wanted to bike to work but A) I’m a scaredy-cat and B) my commute is pretty long :/ Maybe one day I’ll just grow a pair and use my bike when I run errands!

  • You could do a team triathlon and recruit a swimmer! I do ride my bike but for exercise and fun. I’ve only ridden it to work when we lived in town and it took 5 minutes to get there. I would also worry about getting sweaty and having to look professional right after. If there was a shower at work, I’d give it a try or maybe it’s not that bad?
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    • I’ve got a little routine now, so in the AM I am fine without a shower (baby wipes are amazing!). I clean up and change at work, but haven’t sweated much since it’s still early. The afternoon is a bit hot and sweaty, but I don’t mind if I arrive at home sweaty as I can jump in the shower or pool.

  • Have you found that you’re less stressed when you get home than you would be if you drove? I walk home from work and I find that by the time I’m home, I’ve left all the annoyances and frustrations of the day behind :-)
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  • Russell

    Congratulations! If you keep this up for a while, make sure to check into low-mileage discounts on your auto insurance.

  • This is awesome. I’m so jealous of people who can bike to work. I spend as much time on my bike as possible during the months that allow me to, but there’s just no way I can get to my office that doesn’t involve freeways and a large bridge. So biking is unfortunately out of the question.

    • I don’t blame you for avoiding freeways or a large bridge. I like my low traffic, low speed limit route with big shoulders and sidewalks. Don’t think I’d feel super safe without those.

  • that is SO impressive! I also try and bike to work (the weather has not been cooperating lately) but my commutte is only like 4 miles. and it takes me 30 minutes with all the stoplights! i love not only saving money on gas, but I’m extremely lucky in that my company actually pays us an incentive to bike to work (for me it comes out to about $5 a day)

    • I’m lucky there are only 3 stoplights on this whole trip. A handful of stop signs, too. But most of it is through residential areas, so the speed limits are low for cars anyhow.
      You’re so lucky that your company pays you to bike! That’s fabulous. I wish mine did!

  • I won’t even tell you what I drive in the winter time lol.. but I don’t care any more. I think it’s great you are enjoying your new ride and hey the savings will all add up but the health benefits even more. Good for you!
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    Plastics also out-gas over time. This forum suggests that it would be a really, really good idea to replace your helmet now. Even if you figure 3-5 years of use, yours is beyond that.

    Your head is worth it!

    • Thanks for the link. Between you guys and the opinion of my biking friends at work, looks like I’m going to be in the market for a new helmet. I’ll consult our local bike shops as they’ve been good in the past, but if anyone has recommendations, toss ’em out!

  • I love this post. Well done!! I’m so happy for you! I do hope your sunburn wasn’t too painful although it looks pretty sore.

    You bring back very fond memories of when I used to cycle to work. It was about 20mi and so exhilarating. I loved the fact that I whizzed passed the traffic that was always backed up whether riding to work or from work :) Of course it goes without say that you have to have your wits about you when on the bike.

    Since relocating, it’s not practical for me to do this now but I do get to the local gym for spinning classes and do some recreational riding – so still on the bike :)
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    • Thanks, Gaz! 20 miles is definitely an impressive commute to work! Spinning class is tons of fun, but after being back on the road it’s just not quite the same. =)

  • It’s great that you’re able to bike to work! My commute is 80 miles round trip, on either Route 1 or the New Jersey turnpike. Not exactly bike-able. But someday, I think it would be a great option.
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    • 80 miles round trip! Holy cow! I thought Mr. PoP and I had long commutes. I can’t believe some of the commutes I’m hearing from you guys.


  • So awesome! Our city is competing for the Rust Belt title right now. Or we just did. I’m not sure if it’s over yet.
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  • I have also wondered about getting back into biking. I haven’t biked in years, but I know it’s another way to exercise while being outside which is how I like to exercise. I’ve been hiking several times a week for years, but I know cross training is highly recommended. Maybe it’s time to take the old bike for a test spin. Do you have those click in pedals? Those scare me. I can see myself falling over and landing HARD! Thanks for the inspiring post!
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    • I don’t have the click in pedals on this bike, though I do have the click-in shoes for spinning class. Personally, I like being able to hop out easily at stoplights, so wouldn’t want to do much riding through traffic with the click shoes, but I know many riders who swear by them.

      I think step 1 is just getting out there and trying it out. Fancy shoes, etc can happen down the line if necessary. =)

  • Hopefully it’s motivating to see how much you save every day you don’t take the car and continue to do it as often as possible! I forget how far some people live from where they work. I feel extremely lucky to work about 1 mile (just over a kilometer) from where I live. I walk to work, it’s not far enough to warrant unlocking my bike and storing it here!

    We don’t own a car (CF takes the bus ~5-10 miles to work) so we’ve been able to significantly reduce our transportation costs. Not feasible for everyone, but glad you’re making steps in the right direction!
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    • If I were within a 20 minute walk, I’m sure I’d walk it too! But I think the bike is going to end up being a very good thing for us. =)

  • When I worked outside my home I biked to work. Luckily I had a gym across the road so I could shower and put my suit on…otherwise I would have been a sweaty mess. The most fun? I got caught in a huge thunderstorm on my way home one night. While some people might think it was scary, I thought it was a blast.

    • oooh, I’m not big on huge thunderstorms… Especially not when there’s a lot of wind. That’s the part I’m the most anxious about as summer approaches.

      My gym is 3 miles from work, so that’s a stretch for showering and then finishing riding to work, but for the AM I am able to clean up and change in the bathroom at work. Works well for me.

  • Way to go! That translates into
    A) saving on gas bills
    B) excercise!
    Keep it up!
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  • Yes and Yes! Little bits of each every time I do it.

  • Lovely places to ride!

    In our parts, unless you live and also work near the canal (which has a wonderful bike path that goes for miles and miles), you’d be taking your life in your hands to commute around here. I ride in the neighborhood but wouldn’t think of taking a bike on the city streets.

    Drivers here are looking for other cars and often don’t even see bikers. Some resent bikers and deliberately harass or try to scare them. And these days it seems like about a third of drivers are yakking on the phone or poking at mobile devices — i want a couple layers of steel between me and those folks.
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  • Wow, that is some sunburn you got there. Congrats that you decided to ride the bike. Keep it up. and the views on your way are good.
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  • Awesome job! Looks like a beautiful bike commute. I have to say I enjoy my bike commute as well. It’s about 5-6miles from our condo to the beach then 15miles down the coast to my work. Most recreational riders ride the same route on weekends, so I’m pretty happy having that be my commute. With all the riding I do find it takes a little more than my normal lunch to keep fueled. I’ll usually have a snack about an hour after getting to work and another one about an hour before leaving, usually a protein bar or something like that. I’m spending a couple more dollars a day on food when I ride, but saving $9 of gas, so well worth it!
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  • WOW! Well done you!! That is so impressive.

    Have to admit I have never summonsed the courage to ride to work (roads don’t really lend themselves to it) but recently went on a group cycling week-end away where we cycled in the wine-lands.

    Hope it’s all still going well for you. Thank you for such an inspiring post!
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  • Biking is a very good idea not just to save on gas, but to have an exercise as well even on your way to work. I miss biking so much I haven’t done it for months already.

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