Happy National High Five Day!

While some of you may be celebrating other holidays today (looking at you, Ben and Jerry), in the PoP household we are celebrating National High Five Day!

Sure, none of us knew that such a grand holiday existed until we heard it mentioned on NPR a couple of mornings ago.  But instantly I knew we needed to celebrate it.  After all, I love a good high five, and it’s pretty much Kitty PoP’s only successful trick.  (If this doesn’t bring him Maru-level fame, I don’t know what will.)

Today, we’ll celebrate by doing what we do most days…

  • Bribing Kitty PoP with a couple of treats so he high fives me in the morning to start the day off with a little joy,
  • Celebrating our everyday wins (and sometimes epic losses) at the end of the day with a high five,
  • and generally just trying to make it a good day.

So, from our family to yours –




Happy National High Five Day, everyone!

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