Happy Friday – A Tiny Dish Drainer!

pantry - now with cabinet doors on the bottom!

pantry – now with cabinet doors on the bottom!

In a small house, there’s only so much space to go around, no matter how efficient you are with it.  And no matter how much we tried, there was no way to add a ton more counter space to our kitchen.  (Though we have incorporated some tricks that hopefully we’ll show off when we’re done to make them look and feel more expansive…)

What we can do, though, is limit the number of items that “live” on the countertop to make the space we have more usable day-to-day.  To that end, the appliances (like the blender and toaster) found a new home in the bottom of our pantry cabinet (now gloriously hidden behind cabinet doors).  The microwave lives above the stovetop instead of the counter (even if I still think it’s kindof ugly there).  The last big thing that sat out on the countertop all the time was a big ol’ rusting and gross dish drainer that sat on a plastic tray that had to drip into the sink.  This week, we finally figured out what we wanted to do to get that thing off the counter.


It’s been replaced with this adorable little “lawn” dish drainer that will sit on the shelf right next to the sink.  It wins triple points for being(1) teeny, (2) not on the counter, and (3) kindof adorable.

This thing is actually intended for baby bottles, so it’s never going to be useful if we were to start hand washing whole loads of dishes.  But living without countertops for the vast majority of 2015 helped acclimate Mr PoP and I to drying and putting away pots, pans, and larger dishes pretty much as soon as we finished washing them.  So this tiny (and rather adorable, IMHO) little thing is going to be more than sufficient to let air dry the few things that we use almost every day that need to be rinsed off and let dry:  like blender parts, reusable straws, and reusable water bottles.

So clean counters, and tiny adorably fun dish drainers are what’s making me happy this Friday.

What’s making you happy this Friday?

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