Happy Friday – Never Scooping Litter Again!

20150122-195059-71459297.jpgWith 3 Happy Friday posts in a row, it seems we’ve got a lot to be happy about these days. This week, I’m beyond happy – thrilled might be a better word – that I’m never scooping a litter box again.

How Have I Arranged This Amazing Feat?

Kitty PoP isn’t being given away. He provides far too much cheap entertainment for us to consider that.

We also have not managed to toilet train him (as Mama PoP once attempted* with their cat, Z). This seems like it would be a great idea in theory. But our reality is different. At every opportunity, Kitty PoP will dunk his toys in an open toilet bowl and bring them to me in the middle of the night. The weirdo cat does this with his water dish, too, on occasion. But at 2am you REALLY hope it’s not a toilet monkey that’s dripping on your chest. So leaving the toilet seat intentionally up (we have firm house rules on closing the toilet because of Kitty PoP’s affinity for this) seems to be asking for trouble.

Instead, I used birthday and Christmas money from assorted family members** to buy Kitty PoP the Rolls Royce of litter boxes, the Litter Robot II Bubble Unit (complete with the additional $20 expansion window!).

Yes, that’s right.  I spent $389 on a litter box.

In my best Rowan Atkinson voice: This is so-much-more than a litter box.

So How Good Is The Litter Robot?

Honestly, it’s pretty freaking great. We used to keep Kitty PoP’s litter box inside the shower of the guest bathroom (obviously we moved it when company came and needed to use the shower). If Kitty PoP left a stinker (which he loved to do while I stood in there brushing my teeth, gross!), we could run the vent fan in the bathroom to (literally) clear the air. But we were never huge fans of having the litter box in there, and if we didn’t clean it ALL THE TIME (which I didn’t because there are fewer chores I hate more than cleaning a litter box), it could get stinky.

Now the litter robot does 99% of the litter disposal for me. It works like this:

  1. Kitty PoP hops inside and does his business.
  2. When he leaves, a timer starts that counts down 7 minutes.
  3. When the timer is up, the sphere on the top of the Litter Robot turns very slowly, sifting the used litter and disposing it into a nice little bagged liner underneath.
  4. Once or twice per week when I think about it, I pull out the tray with the bag containing Kitty PoP’s used litter, tie it up and throw it out. In the meantime, there’s no smell.

Yes, no smell. We moved the litter box out of the bathroom to the guest room/my office and there’s no smell to worry about and the noise of the motor when the Litter Robot cycles on isn’t bad. It was a nice surprise to find that I totally slept through the Litter Robot’s on/off cycles when I moved into the guest room for a week when Mr PoP was really sick in December.

When we have guests stay overnight, we’ll likely move it into Mr PoP’s office or our bedroom out of courtesy, though I doubt it would bother most of them.

Was This $389 Well Spent?


With gift money like this, the givers tend to like to see me do something with it that I wouldn’t typically treat myself to, and the Rolls Royce of litter boxes ranks up with something I wouldn’t normally treat myself to, for sure!

Plus, like the Roomba we bought about 4 years ago, this purchase took one of my most hated chores and virtually removed it from my life. When the book “Happy Money” instructs us to “think about next Tuesday” when evaluating how much happiness a time or effort saving purchase will bring, I can guarantee that next Tuesday (and every Tuesday thereafter!) will be better because I won’t be scooping Kitty PoP’s litter.

So yes, it was expensive. And it’s a little odd to tell friends that my Christmas/birthday gift this year was a litter box. But I love it. And since he hasn’t told us otherwise, I’m assuming Kitty PoP loves it too! He sure uses it like a champ***!

What are you happy about this Friday?


* Also, Mama PoP’s cat pooped on her pillow (twice!) in the process of toilet training. I don’t think the toilet training progressed much further than that.
** The last birthday check my grandmother ever wrote went into this purchase, so perhaps we could call it the Grandma Betty Memorial Litter Robot?
*** Kitty PoP doesn’t have many skills, but he poops in a box. Every. Single. Time. What a good cat!


Amazon links are affiliate, so if you *do* buy a Litter Robot, we’ll get a small kick back if you purchase it through this link.

25 comments to Happy Friday – Never Scooping Litter Again!

  • Our litterbox is in our powder room. Vent for stinkers and next to the toilet to flush the goods. Obviously not the best setup when guests come over. How is the litter box palace for tracking litter? That’s the part I hate. Gross.

    Also that’s awesome that your gift was used like this. I once used gift money to buy an electric car cooler. I was pretty pleased with myself until I heard that they’d thought I would buy a new sweater or something. So I try to spoil myself the usual way now.
    Emily @ Simple Cheap Mom recently posted..Signup for SwagBucks to Make Money OnlineMy Profile

    • The litter robot is marginally better at keeping the litter in the box than the old one was, but Kitty PoP definitely sprays a decent amount of litter out of the box as he ejects. He’s always been that way. So I run roomba in there (another big chore saver!) regularly to keep it in check.

  • Fun fact: At the height of his fame, jazz legend Charles Mingus was selling his own cat toilet-training manual at his live shows. I don’t know if his was the normal method, but it was pretty long and involved, with the litterbox moving ever closer to the toilet, then eventually onto the toilet seat. Then you make a slowly expanding hole in the litterbox, until the box is completely gone and your cat is just going on the toilet.

    Funny, I’m also working on a post about rabbit litter. We love our pets. That’s another great reason to have rabbits instead of cats: Rabbit litterboxes have no stink. So ours is right there in the living room. I have thought about automatic feeders, though, to use on our weekend trips to, say, Naples!
    Norm recently posted..Cost Per Serving: Grilled Cheese and Tomato SoupMy Profile

    • haha, I like that he sold it at his live shows! The method sounds pretty similar to the one Mama PoP was using for the toilet training, but it got off to the wrong start when the special toilet shaped litter box for the training tipped over onto the cat as he was trying to use it. Shortly thereafter were the two pooping on pillow incidents. =/

  • Hahaha, we’ve posted on this litterbox twice (but don’t own it). I can’t believe my sister didn’t want us to buy it for her.
    nicoleandmaggie recently posted..Ask the grumpies: favorite recipesMy Profile

  • Never had a litter box, but that’s great you removed a time sucking chore from your life. Eliminate all the chores, and then you can retire in peace. Cant wait to see your 2016 Christmas/ Bday gift? (HAHA)
    EL @ Moneywatch101 recently posted..Financial PonderingsMy Profile

  • I read this post early this morning, but I forgot to comment, I just realized. Umm, this contraction is fascinating! It also reminds me of the Death Star, or Epcot, or something along those lines.

    I’m interested in how it would handle multiple cats. Sometimes they’re in the litter boxes one right after the other (there’s 2, but they wait their turn). I will just start the 7 minute countdown over again, right? I could get behind $400, one time, but if I had to buy TWO of these contraptions for multiple cats… it might be a tad steep :)
    Alicia recently posted..Why I Voluntarily Gave Up CoffeeMy Profile

    • haha, we totally make jokes about Kitty PoP preparing for his mission to Mars when he climbs in.

      Multiple cats would probably be pretty easy, you’d just have to empty it twice as often. The longest I’ve let it go is a week with 1 cat, so a minimum of twice a week I would imagine, probably every couple of days more likely.

      The timer resets if the cat gets out and climbs back in before the 7 minutes are up. It definitely wouldn’t start to move with a cat inside.

  • Yay! I don’t have a cat, but I don’t think I would enjoy cleaning a litter box either. Glad you removed that issue from your life =) I assume you just have to add clean litter to it occasionally?
    Holly@ClubThrifty recently posted..Does Free Community College Make Sense?My Profile

  • Interesting, T Cat’s liter box is in our guest bathroom. We have been pretty good with scooping up her poop into the toilet whenever she does her business. For us it’s pretty straight forward but the automatic litter box you have sounds intriguing…
    Tawcan recently posted..Shaking my fist and screaming WTF – money mismanagement 101My Profile

    • I’ve heard enough horror stories of litter clogging pipes (even the stuff that says flushable) that I don’t think I’d ever want to make it a habit to dump litter in the toilet. Have you ever had issues there?

      • Maybe that’s a clay litter issue?

        We use recycled corn cobs as our litter and really love it. The litter is actually in our kitchen (there’s not a better place). It does get smelly sometimes, but it stays pretty good as long as we scoop regularly.
        Leah recently posted..First FoodMy Profile

  • We also dump litter in the toilet without trouble. We have Feline Pine, which separates into sawdust when it gets wet. So only the solids go in the toilet and the liquids wind up in the sawdust in the bottom of the box. No odor trouble.

    I have high hopes of teaching the children to be “litter robots”! Big Brother has already scooped once. I think he thought he was being naughty, because he knows he’s not supposed to “play with” the litter box, but he scooped just right :-).
    Frugal Paragon recently posted..I Want a Balloon! Reasonable Preschool BirthdaysMy Profile

    • ha! Love that your little ones will be your litter robots… until they figure out it’s not actually fun and is a dreaded C-H-O-R-E. =)

  • That’s awesome. I think you made a wise purchase there, my friend! Frugal Hound is very similar to KittyPoP–she doesn’t have many skills (like basically none), but she poops outside every single time. It’s the little things that we’re grateful for :). Enjoy your robot box!
    Mrs. Frugalwoods recently posted..Our Epically Frugal Lunch RecipeMy Profile

    • Totally the little things. We don’t require that our cat become the next “grumpy cat”, but defecating in the appropriate spot goes a LONG way to making us happy cat owners. =)

  • Great job on the new technology. I wonder what is worth more, the litter box or the cat?
    No Nonsense Landlord recently posted..How to Get the Best Tenants into Your Rental PropertyMy Profile

  • I hate scooping the litter box too. I have a litter genie, which is nice, but I still have to scoop it to get it into the genie. Maybe I should save up for one of these, haha.
    Kayla @ Everything Finance recently posted..Comment on Budgeting For Savings: 4 Ways to Quickly Achieve Your Savings Goals this New Year by ThebrokeandbeautifullifeMy Profile

  • oh my – I wonder if that’ll work for multiple cats or if I’d need to buy two of them. We just switched to clumping litter last year after Bootsie’s radiocat procedure, and unless we scoop both boxes daily, we’re left little reminders.. We have them in the basement at my mom’s house, but we get complaints from my little brother about the furnace spreading the smell. I tried the old litter maid on my previous cat, and that didn’t work out so well, so I never bothered with a fancy self-scooping box again…
    Mom @ Three is Plenty recently posted..Filing Taxes Online this Year? Consider Some of these Security Safety TipsMy Profile

  • That is mind-bogglingly amazing!

    What I wanna know is how long will the contraption run before it needs repair? :-)

    Seriously…have you seen the videos of cats that have been trained to jump up on the seat and use the john, more or less in the human manner? Seems like a good idea…assuming the cat doesn’t fall in…
    Funny about Money recently posted..Sun Dogs…and Move Over, Dolly!My Profile

  • Nora

    Any updates on the litter miracle? We currently have 8 cats (6 fosters, mostly kittens) and it’s just too much litter box for my life…

    • It’s great! I empty the bin once per week with 1 cat – I imagine you’d need to do it more often with more kitties. Also, I’m not sure the sensor would work with the kittens since it requires a minimum weight to set it off. The only change I think I made was that I now use garbage bags that come 30/$1 in a roll from our local dollar tree. I initially tried to use plastic grocery bags, but having the used litter spill out over that once was enough. These bags are thin, but have a wide enough mouth that they catch everything! No spills!