Happy Friday – Happy Valentine’s Day Eve

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, an event that usually passes without a whole lot of notice in the PoP household. They go something like this:


Love on the beach!

Mr PoP: Happy Valentine’s Day, baby!

Mrs PoP: Aww, thanks. Right back at ya! Want to stop and get yourself fancy chocolates from [the fancy chocolate shop near your office] on the way home from work?

Mr PoP: Nah. There’s always a line out the door on Valentine’s Day!

I’m pretty sure the only time one of us has ever gotten the other a gift or tried to “celebrate” this holiday was in the first couple of months we were dating. As a single RA (definitely the best job for college students) the previous semester, I had happily volunteered to work Valentine’s Day weekend, which kept me on duty until 2 in the morning. It wasn’t that big of a deal, and worked out well when Mr PoP went out for his friend’s birthday while I worked. When he came back to the dorm that night, he brought me a single rose he bought at the gas station on the way home.

The thought was very sweet and I told him so, but I also told him he never had to get me anything for Valentine’s day ever again. To which he responded that I was the best girlfriend ever. =)

But the truth is, sometimes it feels like Valentine’s Day is every week with Mr PoP and it’s amazing! I am so spoiled by the all of the little and big things he is constantly doing to make my life easier and happier.

  • Little thing: Engulfing me in a bear hug every time I ask for it to help me feel safe (one of my weird aspie tendencies). Every time. Even multiple times in a row if one isn’t enough. He is my human version of the thundershirt.
  • Not-So-Little thing: Meeting me at the finish line of every road race over 10K that I’ve ever completed (going by the number of medals hanging in my closet he’s done this many times) to be my chauffeur when I’m pooped!
  • Big thing: Fixing things that break around the house, and not blaming me even when it’s my fault. Most recently fixing the dryer that broke (burned coil – not my fault!) when he was out of town for a work trip. A fix he completed within 14 hours of returning home despite not arriving at the airport until midnight!
  • Giant thing: Building me a freaking new kitchen! So this one is going to take a while to finish and I’ll help more when the work involves fewer nailguns, but wanting to do this for me and encouraging me at every step to make sure we’re getting the kitchen of my dreams (his dreams don’t involve kitchens usually) is the biggest gift from him that I could have ever asked for and he’s working at it every weekend.

And this is just stuff that happened within the last week or so! There’s a reason I’m constantly telling him he’s the best husband ever – because it’s my truth.

So, baby, if there’s not a line at [the fancy chocolate shop near your office], want to stop and buy yourself some fancy chocolates on the way home? If they come close to spoiling you the way you spoil me, it’s the least I can do. (Seriously, the least – since I’m not gonna bike ~50 miles to get them when you can stop on your way home.)  But I love you!!!


How do you spoil your partner and make Valentine’s Day a regular occurrence in your relationship?

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  • Awww, so sweet! I tell Mr. FW he’s the best husband ever too ;). Those daily thoughtful actions are SO much more meaningful than silly gifts. Mr. FW shoveling our snow (and my car) out every day is the best Valentine’s Day gift I could ever imagine! I think a true partnership is built on selflessly doing things for each other–like building kitchens and fixing dryers!
    Mrs. Frugalwoods recently posted..Weekly Woot & Grumble: Snow On Snow On SnowMy Profile

    • Shoveling the snow sounds like an excellent Valentine’s Day gift and lucky for you the winter is cooperating and letting Mr FW give it to you many times this year! =)

  • beth

    I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day demonstrations but someone who treats you well on all the other days is worth his weight in gold.

    As a single person the only thing I look forward to about February 14th is the drastically reduced merchandise afterwards. I will look for pots of tulips that have the bulbs intact. They will be marked down and I will enjoy a little colour during these grey February days and and colour in my spring garden for years to come.

    • Oooh, the tulips sound nice. I admit I was tempted in Trader Joes last week by the $3 pots of mini roses that looked like an adorable splash of color.

  • You have this “holiday” figured out to a T. It’s the little things the rest of the year that matter most.
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  • Very sweet! Mrs. T and I have been doing 20 second hugs daily to really enjoy the special moment together. Daily demonstrations of love is more important and effective than once in a year IMO.
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  • Mr. FP said that he would get up the turn on the TV for the children tomorrow morning* while I just roll over and go back to sleep. Happy Valentine’s Day, indeed! Aside from giving each other the magnificent gift of sleep, we express affection largely through buying each other’s favorite things at the grocery store. (“Did you look in the freezer? Your ice cream was on sale!”)

    I’ve never been really into the holiday–possibly because my first high school boyfriend broke up with me a week before, and also right around my birthday–but Big Brother and I spent an enjoyable hour together making Valentine’s Day cards for his preschool classmates. It was nice to see him so proud of cutting out the hearts.

    *No, we are not terrible parents. We do this only on the weekends and rarely even APPROACH the AAP recommended maximum.
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  • A new kitchen definitely trumps flowers. :)

    I think you’re both very lucky to have each other. A couple well suited to each other, spendy or thrifty, is a great pair.
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  • Sounds like the Pops are doing great in the Valentine’s Day department. For the Even Steven Money family, we had a trip planned this year to visit family, Mrs. Even Steven would have to put up with a ton of basketball all weekend, so for that reason and millions more she received flowers. Happy Wife, Happy Life;)
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