Happy Friday – Happy Electricity!

Our house was without power for 11 days, but got it back Wednesday night.  The relief was huge.  Even Kitty PoP seems more energetic and less lethargic with a little bit of A/C.  =)

More to come probably next week on where we stand after Irma rolled through our little town, but it has been a heck of a ride and it’ll take us at least a few weekends of work around the house before we’re recovered here.

And our hearts are going out to everyone in Puerto Rico right now.  They are going to have a very long recovery from being hit by Irma and Maria basically back to back.

What are you happy about this Friday?

10 comments to Happy Friday – Happy Electricity!

  • Today, I’m just simply happy it’s Friday and I don’t have to be functional for two days. My cat was either stolen or magically disappeared from my locked apartment last weekend and I’ve been having a hard time being a functional human being without him. :/

    I’m glad you guys have power though! I hope cleanup goes well for you!
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  • Glad the lights are back on. It’s amazing how much we take electricity for granted until it’s no longer there.
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    • Totally – I don’t generally consider myself a technology addict, but it’s amazing how much I use electricity for to feel normal every day. Lights, blenders, A/C, computers, wireless routers, phones, hot water heaters, ovens, toasters…

  • Yay for having power! Thinking of you and hoping the damage is manageable.

    • Thanks FP! We spent the weekend re-screening the walls of the pool cage, and got a lot done! So now Kitty PoP can go exploring “outside” by himself again.

      That went a long way to making things feel more normal around here, and it’ll be even more normal when the county picks up the hurricane debris that’s piled on both sides of the streets around here.

  • Kristy

    I’m glad the damage was not as extensive as it could have been. I have family in Sarasota and they also had some damage but definitely not as much as it could have been.

    • Glad your family in Sarasota also faired well! I heard chunks of Sarasota also lost power for an extended period of time, so hopefully your family wasn’t among those.

  • What is life without electricity? Now it’s even harder to imagine as we already got used to convenience brought by it with modern technology. I’m glad you’re doing better after what happened.

    • Yeah, though it was kindof funny. The day after we got electricity, they had to cut one of the lines to my office building to make repairs to bring other people power – so my office had basic power, but no A/C for 2 days. Pretty stifling to work in a box that was in the high 80’s – 90 degrees wit no air flow, though… Luckily I think all but the worst hit areas are back with power now. I just can’t help but feel bad about Puerto Rico though – months without power is kindof unimaginable in this day and age.