Happy Friday – Happy Anniversary, Florida!

IMG_0578The seven year anniversary of our wedding (cheap and wonderful as it was) was last month, and it passed in our typical understated fashion. But we’re also celebrating another anniversary of sorts this summer – our ten year anniversary as Floridians.

Here’s what the inside of our card to Florida marking this occasion would read…

Dearest Florida,

We can hardly believe we’ve made it ten years with you. Hallmark tells us this is our “tin” anniversary, so please accept this copy of the 1996 Kevin Costner film, Tin Cup, as a token of our love and affection.

And it really is genuine love and affection that we hold for you. We’ll go out on the beach tomorrow morning for a walk, soak in the morning sunlight as it reflects off the water.  We’ll say hello and good morning to tiny crabs and hopefully a dolphin or two, and be truly grateful that we live where we do and get to enjoy your beauty every day.

That said, things haven’t always been easy and the road hasn’t always been smooth this last decade. To be honest, we think you’ve shown some bipolar tendencies over the last decade. We moved here when things here were manic. In 2006 it was almost crazy what a property-value high was going on. By the time we were buying properties 3- 5 years later, you were hitting some truly dreadful lows. Property values, the job market, and let’s face it, many of the people living here and struggling were all depressed.

But things have stabilized since then. (Did you start taking meds? If so, keep it up!)

Despite all that, Florida, we’ve still had a pretty freaking good run with you. When Mr PoP and I came knocking at your door ten years ago, we were fresh out of universities with almost nothing to our names. And yet, despite stumbling a bit at the beginning, we built careers and a life together here. We adopted our own Florida native – Kitty PoP – here.  And because of our confidence in you, we invested in local real estate when things were at their worst. And (in no small part because of the strength and resilience you showed in recovering from the foreclosure crisis) have ended up ten years later with a net worth of over a million dollars.

We don’t know what the future holds. In time, it may find us drifting away from you, dear Florida, and exploring other parts of the country or other parts of the world. But if it does, remember this. We will always remember these years with you fondly, and be ever grateful for everything you gave to us.

All our love,

Mr PoP, Mrs PoP, and Kitty PoP

One way to do "cat pose"...

Our native Floridian…

5 comments to Happy Friday – Happy Anniversary, Florida!

  • It is hard to believe that the timing of when you arrive to a new state or city can have such a long term impact. When I arrived in California in 2010, the real estate market was at the bottom, so I snatched up a foreclosure (with my company paying all the closing costs to boot!). Had the market been higher, I might have rented or bought a fixer upper instead.
    Vawt recently posted..December Travel Points UpdateMy Profile

    • Yes it totally makes a difference! If we had arrived a couple of years earlier, who’s to say we wouldn’t have ended up buying in 2006 and been one of the many out there whose homes are just barely starting to come out from underwater 10 years later…

  • Happy Florida-versary! I rather enjoyed Tin Cup :-). We saw Kevin Costner at a playground in Aspen once but did not approach him, as he was obviously there to watch his kids play.

    Denver could use a little housing cooling off! Well, AFTER we get our house sold. Then the market can come down a little :-).
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  • Florida is one of those polarizing places: I think you either love it or hate it. We’ve been intrigued by the state: good weather, no income tax, affordable cost of living. We kick it around as a possible early retirement locale.

    Arizona was an odd choice for us, but it’s similarly been a good state to us since we moved here from San Diego in 2009. It’s grown on us.
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