Happy Friday – First Harvest!

Lemon, 2 berries, and 1 pit of the berry I ate.

I pulled the first miracle berries off my miracle fruit plant and tried them last night!

Procedure: Wash berry and pop in mouth.  Break skin and smoosh the berry around in your mouth to coat as much as the surface of your mouth and tongue with the sweetish, kindof slimy pulp.  Then lick a lemon or something else sour.

By golly, it was a miracle in my mouth!  Maybe not on the order of Jesus turning water into wine, but that berry turned my lemon into lemonade right in my mouth!  I jumped up and down and of course had to text friends who I had told about my exciting new plant a year and a half ago.  They laughed at my goofiness, but shared in my joy.

Sometimes it’s the (literally) small things that make me truly ecstatic.  =)

What are you happy about this Friday?

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