Happy Friday – Finally a 1 Car Family!

Chock full again - of the car of Mr PoP's dreams...

Finally down to 1 car – and what a car!

Mr PoP stayed up late a couple of nights ago to make sure the hand-off went well, but around 11pm, the car hauler finally loaded the car up and drove off with it. Mr PoP celebrated… I slept. =)

And with that we were finally officially a one car family – about 3 years after making our initial announcement about becoming a 1 car family on this blog. Alas, we were kindof lying then even though we didn’t really realize we were.

  • In May 2014 – we sold Mr PoP’s Jeep, which left *just* my Miata which we were sharing after I switched to using a bike as my primary mode of transportation. But then…
  • In July 2014 – we ended up impulse buying Sunny off ebay – a car that had been in and out of the family for decades, but was in need of some serious work the shippers dropped her off on our doorstep. Sunny sat “in storage” (by that I mean on our back patio*) for 2.5 years before we ended up conceding defeat before even starting “the battle of the rust”. At this point, I considered us functionally 1 car, but there were technically 2 cars on our property. I’ll compromise that we were at 1.5 cars here since Sunny didn’t run. So…
  • In January 2017 – we sold Sunny, and were finally back down to sharing the Miata, before…
  • In February 2017 – Mr PoP bought his NSX! We were 2 cars at that point, the Miata and the NSX until …
  • In May 2017 – we sold the Miata and that left us with just the NSX…

But all this time, in the background (well ~1,200 miles away) there was a phantom car. It was Mr PoP’s beloved car from college – a mid 1980’s Mercedes Benz.

Mr PoP loved that car. He named her Victoria – Vicky for short. I even remember when he came back to the dorm the weekend after he bought Vicky and he was so proud he dragged me out to the parking lot in the dark and the cold on a Sunday night to admire it. This might have been less weird if we had been dating at the time, but that didn’t start until a couple years later. =)

It was the car that took Mr PoP south to Florida and out west, and back and forth again to Florida a few times. When Mr PoP moved to Florida in 2006, he initially brought Vicky with him, but quickly realized that without access to his parents’ garage and his father’s huge supply of tools, he couldn’t keep up with the maintenance and repairs.  He could see that it was starting to be an albatross around his neck. By my nearest estimation, I believe the moment he realized that car was not sustainable was while he was biking across a large bridge in the dark during a record cold snap in Florida because the exhaust had fallen off the car *AGAIN*.  That finally made the decision clear – he needed to put the car out to pasture.

So he did. Literally, I mean.

For the last decade, that car has been in the pasture beside the barn at his parents’ property up north.

We moved on with life and pretty much forgot about it. For YEARS.

Vicky (the phantom car) came back on the radar over the past year as Mama and Papa PoP prepared to sell their property up north and become official full-time Floridians. We knew we didn’t want to pay to store the darned thing (like Sunny it wasn’t worth the storage fees and there was no way I was agreeing to having a SECOND car on our patio!). Mr PoP did, however, briefly consider restoring it instead of Sunny or an NSX, but the issues there were more than he wanted to take on.

So instead he sold it. And it’s officially headed off down the road, most likely to be used for parts for a Mercedes Benz enthusiast.

So long, Vicky!

And we are now (finally! 3 years later!) officially a one-car family. And that one car just so happens to be a 25-year-old supercar that Mr PoP absolutely adores.

The NSX lives in the garage, and our lives feel significantly simpler without having a couple of thousand pounds of excess metal attached to them that we need to worry about.

So happy Friday!


What are you happy about this Friday?


* There’s a loophole** in our town laws that says all cars need to be on pavement. The back patio is pavement… it’s just not the driveway. =D

** At the time I was glad this loophole existed so we avoided paying storage fees for a couple of years while taking our time to decide what to do with Sunny. But as it turns out, I am even more glad that Sunny is no longer on our back patio. =D =D =D


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