Happy Friday – Enjoying Our Neighborhood

While no neighborhood is perfect, I’ve been reflecting lately on how awesome ours really is.

It’s the kind of place where…

  • A morning traffic jam means that Shoeless Joe¬†and a couple of elderly folks out for their daily morning VERY SLOW walks have paused to chat at the end of our driveway, delaying Mr PoP’s departure for work by a couple of minutes. (Side note – these days, Shoeless Joe is wearing flip flops. It’s hard to blame him given the construction¬†going on all around leaving more debris in the streets!)
  • Territory disputes are rare, and when they do occur, they are between cats – like when we were woken up at 4am the other night by two cats that managed to get into a fight on the ceiling of our lanai (ie a screen ~12 feet over the center of our pool). Kitty PoP, like the proper scared-y cat that he is, was utterly terrified and cowering hiding from the commotion.
  • Without living in the center of an urban environment, we can still institute our winter walking dates, and enjoy a modest variety of cuisines all without needing to hop in the car. We’re planning on checking out a new (purportedly healthy and inexpensive!) restaurant on a walking date tonight. (Though not technically winter, the summer heat and humidity seems to have broken the last week or so… we had one morning that got down to a low of 73 overnight!)
  • Helping a neighbor out with their waste means enjoying fresh picked fruits and veggies like giant avocados and starfruit. mmmmmm…. so good.

What are you enjoying about your neighborhood today? What’s making you happy this Friday?

4 comments to Happy Friday – Enjoying Our Neighborhood

  • What’s making me happy today is that I took the day off from work to finish some projects at the apartment before our tenants move in. What’s also making me happy is that we’re having genuine fall temperatures now (highs of 75, lows of 50) instead of the terrible 90 degree days we had until last week.
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  • I really enjoy that our neighborhood is so “new”. There’s been no time to form the cliques that I’ve seen in other neighborhoods – we’re all the “new guys”. I do wish they’d finish the rest of the houses so that we’re not dodging construction vehicles getting out of our driveway or out of the neighborhood, but it’s not too bad, and all of the house foundations are completed.

    We’ve had the AC of for the last week or two, and are really enjoying having the windows open (day and night!)
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  • Debbie M

    I like that there are so many places I can walk to. Some of the walks are quite ugly (such as past a check-cashing place and an overpriced pawn shop), but it’s been fun taking care of certain business on foot. This week I got things from an office supply store, a home goods store, a hardware store, and a grocery store. I can also walk to a library, a bus stop, and a Target. I can also walk to my gas station, but that doesn’t really help me get my gas tank filled!

    I also like to check out what other people are doing with their yards. And see how they are dealing with their one-car driveways. And look into houses that are for sale or for rent to see if anyone has done renovations that I want to copy!

    Also, I like that my neighborhood is pretty central, so it’s fairly easy to get to other neighborhoods.

  • They are building a new building on campus (well, two, actually). One is right by our apartment, and our toddler LOVES to check out the big trucks. We had an enjoyable bit this morning watching the workers pump concrete into the wall forms. She even gave the guys a few “yay”s and “woah”s while watching.

    I like my neighborhood, tho I wish it were a little closer to walk to places not on campus. It’s a 25 minute walk to get downtown. In the summer, we do that walk a lot, but we don’t often have time during the school year. Walking to library story time all summer was super fun.
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