Happy Friday – We Are Done Reporting To “The Man”!

Today is a very happy Friday, indeed. Since today, we are officially done reporting to our city inspectors for the permit on the remodel, and I couldn’t be more relieved.

Our permit was getting rather long-in-the-tooth, given that we initially pulled it back in the fall of 2014 before the plumbers that we hired to relocate some pipes in our concrete foundation could start their work almost 22 months ago.

We chugged along pretty well through 2015, checking off boxes on our permit, but things MAJORLY slowed down for us as we neared the end of 2015. In late 2015, we actually had to pay a small fee to extend our permit since it was about to expire and we weren’t finished. That bought us 3 more months, then a well-timed easy mechanical inspection of our stove vent in February bought us six more months on the permit. Then we basically sat on it… mostly out of nervousness (on my part) and laziness (err, time optimism? – to steal a phrase from Mrs Frugalwoods) on Mr PoP’s part.

Much like this cheetah, Mr. PoP is capable of great speed. When he feels like it.

Much like this cheetah, Mr. PoP is capable of great speed. When he feels like it.

I wanted the permit closed, but I desperately did not want to be the one to have to do the final walk-through with the inspector. Having gone through the heart-breaking process of failing an inspection multiple times on our solar install (that we didn’t even DIY!), I was (Mr PoP claims unjustifiably, though I definitely beg to differ) afraid of our project not being up to snuff for the inspectors and having some sort of huge “gotcha” at the last minute.

As for Mr PoP, he was postponing the inspection because completing it meant that he’d need to do some electrical work (finish installing a bunch of GFCI outlets) that he’d only need to undo and redo at a later date when it comes time for us to tile our backsplash. He didn’t want to have to do all of that work twice, and was convinced that surely we would have our contertop complete and backsplash installed before our permit got to its expiration date in August…

Well, the countertop is still in pieces – though fewer of them, which means the backsplash is definitely not tiled in yet. But with Mr PoP departing in a week for his trip to Burning Man and the permit expiring, it didn’t make any sense to postpone the inevitable since at this point filing for a second extension would have cost $100 and only bought us an extra 10 days after Mr PoP’s planned return from his Burning Man trip. So we both ended up doing something we didn’t want to have to do:

  • Mr PoP installed the electrical outlets, and
  • I walked the inspector through our project and got the final sign offs on our permits.


    Burning Man! Mr. PoP said it’s like a camping trip with more hippies and fire.

Both of those somethings ended up being not as bad as either of us thought they were going to be. In fact, I think those were Mr PoP’s actual words as he finished up – “This wasn’t that bad; I should have done this a long time ago!” For my part, the inspector was kind, and didn’t seem to be looking for gotchas, but I was definitely shaking with relief when he left and I had a signed paper in my hand. If we had done this a long time ago, I would have certainly saved myself some worry and stress.

All in all, we have no regrets that we permitted our remodel. Having someone double check our work and make sure we are in compliance with safety and building code regulations seems worth the modest cost (it was < $300 total, even including our one extension fee). Nonetheless, we’re still thrilled that we won’t be “inviting” any more inspectors to walk through our home again anytime soon.

“Sorry inspectors, but don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out!”

I think we’ll be having champagne this weekend to celebrate… there’s a bottle in our fridge that’s been waiting more than a year to be opened and this seems like a good milestone to celebrate with it!

What are you happy about this Friday?

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