Happy Friday – Cabinetry-Cation (Part Deux) Commences!

So glad the corner can light turned out so well highlighting those cabinets! Great when a plan comes together!

So glad the corner can light turned out so well highlighting those cabinets! Great when a plan comes together!

Technically I’m still at work today, so the week-long cabinetry-cation will only commence when I get home. But we took some time to hang the first two cabinets earlier this week (see picture to the right), and I’ve been riding a bit of a high off that ever since.

Since starting off my cabinetry making adventures with a bang three months ago, I’ve really slowed down the process of making the cabinets. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still really enjoying building the cabinets – it was just a matter of logistics.

I’ve been adamant since the beginning that I wanted the flooring to extend under all the cabinetry, so we really had to wait until the flooring was in (at least in the kitchen) to start installing the cabinets. After some initial delays with getting the flooring (and delays figuring out how we were going to install it!), that’s now been ongoing for the last few weeks and progress has been made. Mr PoP and I grouted the areas where the cabinets will sit (and a little beyond) last weekend.

So while all the flooring has been in progress, we’ve really been tight on space to “temporarily” store cabinetry. How tight, you ask?

Well, our garage still looks like this (instead of what it should look like after we pimped our garage in 2013), so is out of the running when it comes to storing much of anything, even on a temporary basis.


Trust me, the pile of wood is actually smaller than it was in the beginning.

And though we actually have a large covered patio extending off the back of the little house (see the diagram at the link to see how big the covered patio really is), which normally would have more than enough space to store a whole kitchen full of cabinets and then some, it’s been a bit tight.

Sunny is taking up a good 40% of the covered patio.

Sunny is currently under a grey car cover and has a couple of sliding closet doors leaning against her. =P

Sunny is currently under a grey car cover and has a couple of sliding closet doors leaning against her. =P

Storing a car on the back patio is oh-so-classy, we know. (Hence why we put up the lattice and keep her covered to reduce the eyesore for the neighbors.) Getting her up and running is the next priority when we finish the kitchen.

Then we’ve also got our normal patio furniture (a large table and chairs that seat 6 comfortably), a bunch of cabinetry in different stages of completion (some of which we’ve actually been using to store our pots and pans), and on days when we needed the floor cleared to work on it, pretty much all of our living room furniture comes out here too! Last weekend the oven was outside, too… Luckily we have managed to keep the fridge indoors all the time so far.

Given the time of year it has been up until a couple of days ago – summer, which is when there’s a pretty good chance that it’ll rain (and by rain I mean it could go from partly cloudy to torrential downpour in the blink of an eye) on any given afternoon, it’s pretty important that all of these items be crammed into the portion of our patio that has a roof over it.

I’m actually so ashamed of how hoarder-ish it looks on those days that I’ve never actually taken a picture of it when it’s chock full. But you can use your imagination and think of a covered patio that houses:

  • a large yellow classic Mercedes Benz sedan
  • a large patio table and 6 chairs
  • a miracle berry bush and a few other potted plants over in the corner
  • a large coffee table
  • an oven
  • a small kitchen table holding a microwave, blender and silverware (the bulk of our “kitchen” lately)
  • a big cushy couch and matching “fat chair”
  • about 8 pieces of cabinetry (a couple quite large) in various states of completion and assorted finishing supplies piled up (primer, sander, sandpaper, varnish, etc
  • miscellaneous other construction supplies and indoor furnishings

There’s been more out there at times, I’m sure… Whenever we can’t find something lately, the patio has been added to the list of places to check. I swear we don’t aspire to be on an episode of hoarders. =P

I’ve got high hopes for the next week that I can get the pieces that I have basically ready for installation (and hopefully get them installed soon with Mr PoP’s help) and really clear out some space before tackling the remaining pieces. And maybe we’ll look a little less hoarder-ish on our back patio if I can make some solid progress.

It also doesn’t hurt that the weather and tide forecast for the week looks fabulous. Morning beach-runs with low tides and spending my days playing with cabinetry… it’s going to be a fabulous week.


What are you happy about this Friday?


4 comments to Happy Friday – Cabinetry-Cation (Part Deux) Commences!

  • Sounds like a great week PoPs. I hope you have a great weekend as well. I know you guys have other ambitions for your garage, but I wish ours was set up as a workshop.
    Income Surfer recently posted..Updated Thoughts on FastenalMy Profile

  • Thanks for the update! So excited on the process. Also, I love love love that inset wall thing — spice storage?
    Leah recently posted..Time and seasonsMy Profile

  • Love seeing the progress being made on the kitchen and so impressed that you took on the challenge of building the cabinets yourself! Looking great! What am I happy about this Friday? I finished building a kids table and chairs for my nieces based off the design by The Wood Whisperer for Woodworkers Fighting Cancer (www.thewoodwhisperer.com/videos/kids-table-chair-set). Not only that, we’re also delivering an adult table and bench crafted from 100+ year old barn wood. Setting off for the 15 hour drive later this afternoon!
    Nick recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

  • Storing things during a remodel has been one of my least favorite parts of the whole process. Not only is our “stuff” constantly getting moved around, but that means it never really has a designated place, so our house seems to be in a constant state of chaos. My coworker dropped me off at home yesterday and walked with me inside to say hi to Russell (she’d heard about him but never met him – he’s kind of a big deal). When she stepped in the door and looked around she asked, “Are you guys still moving in?” to which I said, “Yep. That’s my life right now. We’ve lived in the house for 2 years but are still moving in.” So while you may look hoarderish (I’m sure that a word) on the outside, those of us in colder states have to look so on the inside (winter is coming). 😉 Good luck with your cabinet-making and if you want to start a Remodeling-Hoarders Anonymous club, you let me know.
    Mrs. FI recently posted..Focusing on Facts – My Fear of Flooring FailureMy Profile