Happy Friday – 401K in our 401K!

I’m not usually one to celebrate arbitrary milestones, but for whatever reason this one has captured my sense of numerical whimsy* and for the last 6 months Mr PoP has had to listen to me providing updates on how close we were and pondering whether or not we would reach it in 2017.

I don’t typically check our balances mid-month, but when we were only a couple of thousand dollars away at our last monthly balance sheet update, I knew I would want to check after the 401K deposits from our first bi-monthly paychecks cleared (since those alone, with flat market movement would have put them over the top!).

You can only imagine my joy when I added up our 401K balances in Mint and saw that we were at $408K!
401K 20170718It really isn’t about the balance hitting a new high (though obviously that’s nice too, of course) – in fact, I truly believe it would have made me happier if there had been a little dip in the market and if we had hit $401K spot on! How fun would that have been! Not only would we have gotten better prices on the shares purchased with our deposit, but to hit the digits exactly would have just made my day. I probably would have walked around with a huge smile on my face all day and texted Mr PoP with my joy. Instead, the smile is a little more muted and I’ll just be sure to tell Mr PoP when I see him after work – no need for an instant update. =)

* In case you’re in doubt, numerical whimsy is totally a thing, and I have definitely been blessed with it in spades. For example, I was thrilled earlier this week when the date read 7/17/17!!!! Did I mention 17 is my favorite number? This year is like a gift that keeps giving.

What are you happy about this Friday? Do you have a strong sense of numerical whimsy?

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