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Today we’d like to introduce our readers to someone pretty special to us. As you may already know, we recently came out of the closet – the blogging closet, that is. While Mr PoP and I spent the first year writing here without any family or friends knowing about the site, as we prepared to give Mr PoP’s parents their $50K loan back, we spilled the beans on the blog to Mr. PoP’s parents.

Editorial Note: From here on out, we’re going to call them Mama PoP and Papa PoP, since saying Mr. PoP’s parents or MIL & FIL is starting to get pretty long and cumbersome.


Kitty PoP has it backwards. The blogging cat is OUT of the bag.

The last month or so since then has been fun, with Mama and Papa PoP reading posts and sharing their thoughts. In truth, Mama and Papa PoP have been pretty influential in our lives, so it’s been kindof cool (although also at times slightly unnerving) to see what they thought of what we’ve put out there.

  • Papa PoP’s strong DIY ethic is a big part of why we do so much ourselves, though honestly his work ethic still puts us to shame. The things Papa PoP has built over the years… it’s just crazy.
  • And Mama PoP (might not realize this, but) helped plant some of the first seeds of what we wanted financial success to look like when she gave Mr PoP the book The Millionaire Next Door when he was in college. Since we had just started dating, he passed the book along to me after he finished it. (A truly romantic gift, right?)

So, now that the blogging cat is out of the bag and Mama and Papa PoP know about the blog, we figured we may as well make it even more of a family endeavor. To that end, Mama PoP is going to occasionally post her thoughts on the site as well, and we couldn’t be more excited.

But before Mama PoP’s first official post on the site, we wanted to host a little “get to know you” session since you readers have the advantage of having read about our lives for the last 15 months, and Mama PoP will be starting from scratch.


Background on Mama PoP

Personality-wise, would you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert? (Bonus points if you know your Myers-Briggs type without having to find an online quiz.) How does that play out in your life?

I am certainly an introvert by nature, although my job requires me to pretend to be an extrovert. I often have to remind myself to “fake it till you make it” and I can do that as needed. I am a college professor. Pretty cool, really. I love my job and of course love to give advice to my students because they actually want to hear it!

And what do you do for a living? Retirement plans soon?

I am considering retirement within the next year. It’s important to me to create a financial plan that will mostly go on autopilot while supporting us in the style to which I’d like to become accustomed.


Mama PoP on Money

Do you consider yourself frugal, a spendthrift, or somewhere in between? Could you star in a reality show a la Extreme Couponers or Hoarders?

I prefer to consider myself to be economical. I try to determine a cost/benefit whenever I spend time, energy, or money. Waste of any kind makes me crazy! Nope, no reality shows for me.

What are your biggest money concerns or worries as you approach retirement?

It’s not exactly a worry, but I have a lot of work to do in moving assets around. I have neglected the investments a bit over the last few years due to my other responsibilities, and it’s time to get things in shape. We have some discretionary money right now and I want to make sure that continues in a retirement lifestyle that I hope will give me discretionary time as well.


Mama PoP on Happiness

What’s one of the happiest memories you have?

I spent a “lifetime” in Santiago, Spain one day. It was indescribable. If you haven’t been there, add it to your bucket list now. I keep a happiness calendar and a quick look at that shows that everything on it has to do with my family and my work.

What one thing do you do each (or most) day(s) that makes you the happiest?

I love and appreciate my family every day. I try to make sure that they know I will always love them and be there for them. I also listen to music every day. If no one’s looking, I sing and dance, too. All right, so sometimes I sing and dance with the cat.

Do you tend to look at happiness as an end goal, or a journey?

Happiness is something to experience every day, most of the day. You should be happy in your work, in your home, and in your family.


Mama PoP on Kittens


Z, Mama and Papa PoP’s current fluffy snuggler.

So how many cats have you had in your lifetime? Seriously. Do you even know? =)

I remembered 47 cats and kittens. For a real count of cats I have loved and kept through their lifetimes, the number would be more like 16.

What’s the most ridiculous cat-lady thing you’ve ever done with one of your cats?

I think that my current attempts to train Z to use a human toilet might be the most ridiculous to date.

What makes your current cat, Z, so awesome?

Z is the most interactive and social cat I have ever had. He is playful, craves companionship, loves to be brushed, fetches a toy when I toss it, walks on a leash, knows a few tricks, opens doors by himself, and is very gentle.



Everyone please give Mama PoP a warm welcome to the site and ask additional questions in the comments below!

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