Sorry for the interruption!

Sorry for the blackout everybody!

For a hot minute we thought our anonymity had been compromised by somebody at my office; we panicked and pulled the site till we could know for sure. Happily, all is well and we’re back up.

To all of our readers that wrote to ask what the deal was-thank […]

2 Annual Letters and Warren Buffett’s Hero


When I was in my teens Momma PoP told me that there were two authors that I should read if I wanted to understand investing. We’ll get to the second author at the end of this post, but it shouldn’t surprise anybody that the first was Warren Buffett. Over the years I’ve printed out and […]

Happy National High Five Day!

While some of you may be celebrating other holidays today (looking at you, Ben and Jerry), in the PoP household we are celebrating National High Five Day!

Sure, none of us knew that such a grand holiday existed until we heard it mentioned on NPR a couple of mornings ago. But instantly I knew we […]

Buying a Classic Supercar-The Emotional Parts

This is Mr PoP’s follow-up post to Buying a Classic Supercar-The Money Parts

I’ve wanted an Acura NSX since I first read about them in 2010. Back then they were even more obscure, and, because of the financial apocalypse, were selling for as low as 25k (mine was 38k and prices still seem to be […]

PoP Income Statement – October 2016

My No On 1 yard sign lives right underneath The Tree for all the neighbors to see.

Welcome to our October 2016 Income Statement!

My No On 1 yard sign lives right underneath The Tree for all the neighbors to see.

Mr. PoP and I put these income statements together for two reasons. First, we want to be transparent about our finances because we’re trying to be role models for other […]