He Said She Said: Moneyball Book Review

Today we’re bringing you another round of He Said/She Said. These posts are really your chance as readers to hear how discussions (and sometimes disagreements) play out when managing our lives with each other. For a look at some of the past He Said/She Said discussions – check ‘em out here.


The Background […]

Kitty PoP Speaks On Wealth And Consumption

Kitty PoP went on a diet recently. He was recently starting to look a little chunky around the midsection, and when I set him on the scale he was about 1lb more than the vet likes to see. Holidays be damned, Kitty PoP needed to count some calories.

The thing is, counting calories (or kibbles) […]

How Do You Go From Minimum Wage to $80K In A Year? Part 3

In case you didn’t catch Mr. PoP’s first post, this is the last post in a series on how he went from a minimum wage job to making $80K in a year through commission sales positions. Here are the links to the all the posts in the series if you want to start at the […]

An Open Letter To Susan Cain, Author of Quiet

Dear Susan,

Please forgive the informality of calling you by your given name without our ever having been introduced. You see, after having recently devoured your book, I feel as though you know me (and vice versa) so much better than the fact that we are complete strangers might otherwise suggest.

I don’t know quite […]

Recent Reads – The Power of Habit

So this isn’t really too recent of a read, since I read it when it first got to our library about 5 months ago. But, when I was writing tomorrow’s post on double counting, I had to include some thoughts on this book. Don’t berate me for the short post – there will be a […]