Buy Whatever You Want On Black Friday…

…but whatever you buy has to last your entire lifetime.


Today we’re re-running last year’s Black Friday post by Mr PoP since we have so many new readers since then. Enjoy!


A Thought Experiment For Black Friday

Mrs. PoP and I have never had a TV in our house, we usually […]

Kitty PoP Speaks On Wealth And Consumption

Kitty PoP went on a diet recently. He was recently starting to look a little chunky around the midsection, and when I set him on the scale he was about 1lb more than the vet likes to see. Holidays be damned, Kitty PoP needed to count some calories.

The thing is, counting calories (or kibbles) […]

$520 To Restore A Piece of History

On our November income statement, we showed a $520 purchase in our shopping category for heirloom restoration and promised an explanation later. Here’s the story behind that spending and why we feel that $520 is a bit of an investment in preserving both friendship and local history.


Here’s part of the map – […]

What Am I Gonna Do With A Gun Rack?

Christmas is quickly approaching, and what else would this time of year bring to mind except one of my favorite movie scenes of all time. In case you can’t tell from the title of this post, the scene I’m talking about comes from the 1992 Mike Myers classic Wayne’s World, which was an absolute font […]

He Said, She Said – Buying A $2K Amp

It should come as no surprise that the PoPs talk about money fairly often in our daily lives. To bring some more of those conversations to you, we’re testing out a new format on the blog. If you like it, let us know and we’ll make it a more regular feature!


Kitty PoP […]