What Do You Mean, Average?

If you get the pun in the title of the post, consider yourself a step ahead of the game for today’s posts. By nature, I’m a bit of a numbers girl – so today I’m going to let that nerd-flag fly and talk about some of the different numbers that we look at when […]

Rewards Cards And Holiday Money

Q4 is a heck of a busy time in our families. Of our immediate family members, 8 out of 9 people have birthdays in this October – December period, and when you throw in Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, it can pretty overwhelming if you don’t have some cash set aside, or a way to limit […]

401K Teamwork

Mr. PoP and I have generally taken a pretty “hands-off” approach to our 401Ks over the past few years. Although we work for different companies, both of our employers use Fidelity Net Benefits to manage our 401Ks, and we have greatly relied on one aspect of it – the automated annual contribution increase.

Basically it’s […]