An Open Letter To Chase

Dear Chase,

For a week last month, you suspended access to for Chase customers. We could not access our Chase accounts through this free and widely used financial aggregation service. It was ridiculously annoying!

When I wrote you about it, I received a form letter in response describing the suspension for “security reasons”, […]

$10 Off Gas… Not As Good A Deal As You Think

How much do you think this guy spends on gas?

Gas is obviously one of the PoP’s big monthly expenses these days. Heck, you can see right on any of our monthly income statements that a decent chunk of change goes to gas every month due to our commutes. So, when our local grocery […]

How much do we spend on the Holidays?

Kitty PoP did a little posing under the tree in his santa sweater for the holiday pictures. =)

So just to recap, we had $1,098 in cash rewards that we built up over the last year by using our cash back rewards cards – Chase Visa, Discover, and American Express Blue Everyday. We cash […]

Our First Ever Spending Cleanse

When we reported our expenses from October, we admitted that we had gone a bit overboard on both food and gas spending. And we resolved to do better this month. In that vein, we decided to try something we had never tried before – a spending cleanse.

What’s A Spending Cleanse?

These guys were […]

How To Recover From A Bad Budget Month

Mr. PoP here –

Little Bunny-Foo-Foo, I don’t want to see you… busting the budget.

After blowing the budget for the second month in a row, Mrs. Pop and I discussed some ways to keep costs down in November. The frustrating thing about our October expenses was that the stuff we spent too […]