Apparently I’m Unemployed… Who Knew?

So last week I’m sitting at my desk at work and my phone rings. J, one of our lovely HR folks, is on the line.

Mrs PoP: [Mrs. PoP] here.

J: Oh good, you’re there… So you clearly still work for [Our Employer], right?

Mrs. PoP: If I didn’t then I wouldn’t be here!


Equity Vs. Liquidation Value

One consequence of the real estate crisis that slammed the US (and hit our area particularly hard) was a collective consciousness of what it means to be “underwater”. People who had never heard the term “underwater” in reference to anything other than where they’d be able to cool off after their swimming pool was built […]

What Is A Structured Settlement: $1000 Giveaway

We’re trying something a bit different today, namely co-hosting a $1000 giveaway with a group of other personal finance blogs. It extends from now through January 31st, with a single $1000 cash prize. Your chance of winning will depend on the number of entries, but I’m willing to bet they’ll be significantly higher than your […]

Why We Love Public Records

An oldie but goodie – Here’s the first time Kitty PoP encountered an armadillo. He was fascinated!

Okay, maybe “love” is a bit strong when it comes to something like public records, but public records have definitely played a role in in our investing to date, and I suspect they will continue to do […]

Why We Can’t Itemize Taxes

Kitty PoP was getting a little cuddly while I was typing this post. Apparently he loves talking about taxes. =)

With all the fiscal cliff talk bouncing around the media these days, there’s been a LOT of talk about the future of federal income taxes. One piece of the discussion that I find interesting […]