Lost Wallet: Reward If Found

MISSING WALLET!!!  Reward If Found!!!

MISSING WALLET!!! Reward If Found!!!

Last Confirmed Sighting: Publix, around the corner from the PoP’s house. Definitely used wallet (and credit card therein) to purchase groceries on Sunday afternoon.

Last Believed Sighting: Next to phone and headphones on top of couch. 95% certain that the wallet was set out with other items (phone, […]

Do You Deserve It?

Hawaii, here we come!

Hawaii, here we come!

A few weeks ago I had to do some quick PTO-calculus. Most people have done these calculations before, trying to figure out how to stretch vacation days throughout the year to maximize rejuvenating time away from the office.

This round of PTO-calculus found me trying to balance taking a week-long […]

Our Version of Frugal

New wood look tile is starting to go in.

New wood look tile is starting to go in.

Mr PoP is now home safe and sound from his recent trip. In addition to camping in Yosemite for a few nights, Mr PoP also stayed with one of his oldest friends (OF) at his place in the Bay Area. From everything Mr PoP has […]

A Friendly Reminder To Check Your Benefits


Today we’re keeping $225 in our pockets because I clicked on a link in the member portal of Mr PoP’s vision insurance and checked Mr PoP’s benefits even though I was 99% sure a bill wouldn’t be covered.

Mr PoP has risk factors for glaucoma that means he should have been getting regular visual field […]

Apparently I’m Unemployed… Who Knew?

So last week I’m sitting at my desk at work and my phone rings. J, one of our lovely HR folks, is on the line.

Mrs PoP: [Mrs. PoP] here.

J: Oh good, you’re there… So you clearly still work for [Our Employer], right?

Mrs. PoP: If I didn’t then I wouldn’t be here!

J: […]