Happy Friday – We Are Done Reporting To “The Man”!

Today is a very happy Friday, indeed. Since today, we are officially done reporting to our city inspectors for the permit on the remodel, and I couldn’t be more relieved.

Our permit was getting rather long-in-the-tooth, given that we initially pulled it back in the fall of 2014 before the plumbers that we hired […]

Happy Friday – A Tiny Dish Drainer!


pantry – now with cabinet doors on the bottom!

In a small house, there’s only so much space to go around, no matter how efficient you are with it. And no matter how much we tried, there was no way to add a ton more counter space to our kitchen. (Though we have incorporated […]

Happy Friday – Happy Anniversary, Florida!


The seven year anniversary of our wedding (cheap and wonderful as it was) was last month, and it passed in our typical understated fashion. But we’re also celebrating another anniversary of sorts this summer – our ten year anniversary as Floridians.

Here’s what the inside of our card to Florida marking this occasion would read…


2015 Shareholder Letter

Warren Buffet’s #1 fan!

One of the ways that Mr. PoP has enjoyed learning about business and investing over the years is by reading (and re-reading!) Warren Buffet’s annual Shareholder Letters written to the shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway. Though we missed the chance to publish our own Shareholder Letter the same day that Berkshire […]

Happy Friday – Happily Back At Work

Sunset at Secret Beach =)

Today we’re wrapping up our second week back in the swing of things after what (for us) was a fairly epic vacation to Hawaii. And though work has been fairly hectic for both of us since returning, it’s also been pretty darned good as well. It’s that fact (even […]