“It’s Just Stuff” Has A Whole New Meaning

On the night of Friday, September 8th, I was in NYC, safe at a friend’s house. But that night I couldn’t sleep. Mr PoP and Kitty PoP were still at home in Florida, and though I knew they would be trying to leave the next morning – presuming that the remaining flights weren’t cancelled […]

Post Hurricane Irma Check-In

Our pool cage – basically all the screen waist high and up was gone.

Things are starting to get back to normal in the PoP household after Irma blew (and boy did she blow!*) through our little town.

* According to neighbors who know someone in the neighborhood who had a nice weather station […]

Irma; A Hurricane Saga in 3 parts

Part 1 – The Evacuation

The whole thing began late Labor Day weekend. I had been having a wonderfully productive labor day weekend, working on my latest woodworking project around the house and knocking out some long-overdue weeding. It was one of those killer weekends where I felt like I was in amazing GSD mode […]

Happy Friday – Happy Cabinetry!


Last weekend I finally put the last of the drawer faces on the remaining blank spots in our kitchen. And boy oh boy does it feel good to be done*!

*Technically I still need to put the baseboard and baseboard faces on the toe kick drawers, but I kindof need this victory right now, so […]

Happy Friday – Bunny Not Mouse

See fluff and whiskers on the left side - that's a baby bunny...

Today is a happy Friday. Yesterday was a fretful Thursday, in which I spent most of the day worried that we might have a mouse in the house after seeing some tiny droppings in the corner while emptying Kitty PoP’s litter box that morning. But at 4:45 this morning, when Kitty PoP and I got […]