Irma; A Hurricane Saga in 3 parts

Part 1 – The Evacuation

The whole thing began late Labor Day weekend. I had been having a wonderfully productive labor day weekend, working on my latest woodworking project around the house and knocking out some long-overdue weeding. It was one of those killer weekends where I felt like I was in amazing GSD […]

Happy Friday – Happy Cabinetry!


Last weekend I finally put the last of the drawer faces on the remaining blank spots in our kitchen. And boy oh boy does it feel good to be done*!

*Technically I still need to put the baseboard and baseboard faces on the toe kick drawers, but I kindof need this victory right now, so […]

Happy Friday – Bunny Not Mouse

See fluff and whiskers on the left side - that's a baby bunny...

Today is a happy Friday. Yesterday was a fretful Thursday, in which I spent most of the day worried that we might have a mouse in the house after seeing some tiny droppings in the corner while emptying Kitty PoP’s litter box that morning. But at 4:45 this morning, when Kitty PoP and I got […]

Adventures in Downsizing

Z attempting to help pack as well.

This post isn’t really about OUR adventures in downsizing – we’ve only had bit roles in these grand adventures. Instead, I’ve made an attempt to interview Mama PoP about everything that she and Papa PoP (remember, these are Mr PoP’s parents) have been undertaking over the last year (yes, a year!) in downsizing from their […]

Cushy On Our Tushies!


After years of preparation, here we are… finally sitting pretty. Well, sitting *on* something pretty. And for that I have to thank Frugal Paragon, for being such an awesome inspiration. And my mom, for sitting me down and teaching me something I wasn’t really nuts about when I was nine years old well enough that […]