Happy (Last) Friday – Joshua Tree National Park

Last Friday, Mr PoP and I got the chance to go to Joshua Tree National Park in southern California. We were in the area for a combination vacation/work trip and were able to grab a day to see some of the wildflowers that have been blooming thanks to the rains that absolutely soaked parts […]

All Bike Commutes Are Not Created Equal


Nearly 4 years ago, I started bike commuting to work and loved (nearly) every second of it. Recently, though, I’ve definitely taken note of how spoiled I have been with the quality of my bike commute route. As so often comes to mind when I run into situations like this, I channel Joni Mitchell singing […]

Buying A Classic Supercar – The Money Parts

Chock full again - of the car of Mr PoP's dreams...

Readers, be forewarned. This was not a frugal car choice for Mr PoP. We knew long ago that whatever “fun car” Mr PoP ended up with it wouldn’t be frugal. And this thing sitting in the garage is far from frugal.

Still pondering names for this car… Any suggestions?

But he’s sure enjoying it […]

Mr PoP’s Very Happy Friday…

Not long ago our garage looked like this.

Empty – Gloriously empty of piles of construction materials…

But now our garage looks like this!


Are We Real? If You Prick Us, Do We Not Bleed?  

Kitty PoP, contemplating murder as usual.

Not too long ago, I was poking around the internet, half zoned out while riding in the passenger seat on a mini road trip with Mr PoP, and ran across some commentary on how people seemed to think that personal finance blogs rang false to many of […]