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  • We were so credit card averse for a while after we stated paying off debt, that we really didn’t use them except for my Old Navy card to get free clothes. It takes a very small amount of use to get a $10 reward every month. We do use the Chase Freedom card if it is grocery bonus time. Otherwise, I have a Kroger credit card that earns grocery store reward points, so we get about $20 a quarter in free groceries. I don’t want to sign up for any new ones right now, but might look into one if we need a big purchase and there is a good deal with points.

    • Our grocery store doesn’t do the bonuses, but I like the idea of the Kroger one if you’re there all the time. I’ve considered the Target one, too, but don’t feel like I want to give myself any more incentive to shop at Target! =)

  • Seth

    I admit, I don’t have the discipline to use credit cards for the rewards. The only things I use a credit card is if I am making a large purchase and will pay it off the next week or paying for travel expenses (hotel, airfare).

    I can’t bring myself to use them for my everyday essetials. I have tried and just can’t do it. While I may be hurting myself by missing out on the rewards, I don’t want to run the risk of getting credit card debt. The risk outweighs the reward for me.

    It is apparent y’all have the discipline to use them.

    • It’s funny – we’re the opposite way. Cash has this ability to just slip through fingers (and wallets!) and we might have NO idea where the money went. The cards don’t really make us spend any more, and we get an easy way to keep track of exactly where it’s going.

      Different strokes for different folks, I guess?

  • Hi, I just applied and was approved for this card instantly. Like you, I have a chase freedom but do not like the rotating categories. I will be using this card for all gas purchases and I got a second card for my wife.

    I had been looking for a second credit card with rewards and after your review I pulled the trigger. Thanks again!

    • You are very welcome – Glad we could be of service =)

      Hopefully you’ll get a nice bonus after you’ve put your first $1000 on it, too!

  • Ivy

    I don’t really get the point about trying this card out and then switching to the Preferred. Why overcomplicate it – since you are using Mint you can run the numbers directly, right? If you are spending $500 a month on groceries and are using Chase Freedom for 3 months at 5% and BlueCash for the other 9 at 3% that’s $210 back, with the Preferred would be $360, so that’s $150 difference or $75 over the fee. Of course this may change if you shop at Costco or Walmart for groceries.
    Our case is much simpler – groceries is our single highest spend item paid with credit card, we shop at supermarkets and spend more than you for a family of 4, so for us Preferred made a lot of sense. Plus we don’t have the issue of switching back and forth since we don’t use Chase Freedom or similar – no movie theaters, no airlines, no hotels, rarely restaurants.

    By the way, you don’t mention the gift card strategy – use the Amex to buy gift cards from the supermarkets – Amazon, Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond, wherever you shop – and that way you are getting the 6% (or 3% in your case) for the other retailers or restaurants as well. That may change quite a lot your calculations above

    Lastly – Preferred has a nice referral bonus of $75 if you get a friend to sign up. Or a blog reader? :-)

    • I ran the numbers using our mint history on gas and groceries – and IF we optimize it, then yes, we’d come out at least $100 more ahead after the fee. The question right now is IF this method going to work. I’m anal retentive and carry a little post-it note in my wallet telling me which card to use in which categories depending on the month. Mr. PoP on the other hand has been known to completely forget which card I tell him to use and pull out whatever card he’s most used to pulling out.

      Do you do the gift card strategy? I know some people do, but the headache of tracking it all might drive me batty. If you do it – how do you still keep track of what you’re spending at all the various stores? You’d totally have to save receipts if you wanted to return anything… (I’ve barely got Mr. PoP saving receipts for the duplex… stray pieces of paper just disappear for him!) =)

      Good to know about the referral bonus! I’ll have to look that up this weekend. Not going to complain if a blog reader wants to sign up and earn us a little referral bonus!

      • Ivy

        We do use the gift cards – Home Depot, ToysRUs and Bed Bath and Beyond – usually popping in for a gift card just before a bigger purchase. There is usually some balance left and here it’s important not to get tempted to spend it for bonus optimizing or tracking purposes. And in Mint you just do a split for the grocery charge and assign the gift card value to the respective category, no big deal that there may be a time lag to a real purchase. Returns for store credit shouldn’t be a problem, if you lose the receipt same as returning a gift, isn’t it?
        My only problem is Amazon, since our other card is Chase Amazon and we get 3% on Amazon anyway, so the hassle of getting a gift card for just 3% is sometimes not worth it, plus assigning the value in advance to the right Mint category is difficult since we buy different things. So I usually just grab a card if I have a $50+ purchase coming.
        I hear you about the need to remember what to use when. Are you sure that Chase Freedom will beat Blue Cash Preferred with the gift card strategy? Run the numbers and maybe add a bonus for simplicity of use :-)

  • I’m looking to getting a new credit card- I’ve had one for awhile and the bonuses and cash back seem to keep shrinking so I’ve been researching something that has a little more oomph!

  • Man, it’s so confusing to keep track of all these cash back rewards! In order to get $500 cash back you’d need a card that pays 5% and then you have to spend 10k!

    There are credit card sign up bonuses every few weeks that offer $400-$500 after spending a certain amount. I just did a Barclays NFL Visa that pays $400 back, considered any of these? Use that good credit score :)

    • We haven’t considered the credit card “churning” yet, but there may come a time when we get there… just not yet!

      Do you do a lot of churning with your cards?

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