All Mail Isn’t Junk


Junk mail from just a single day… straight to recycling, except for those subway coupons… gotta save some of those =)

Paperless billing ranks right up there with sliced bread in my book. It’s a great invention, that continually makes my life easier. But, it does mean that I can turn into a bit of a zombie when I check the mail every night. I try and put a minimum amount of thought into sorting what junk mail needs to be shredded and what can go straight into the recycling bill.

But, I was recently shaken out of my zombie state when a couple of envelopes that I thought were going to be junk ended up being anything but.


Unexpected Bills (boo hiss)

The first near miss was a fairly nondescript envelope from a business on the other side of the state. Turned out to be a bill for medical lab services that had been rendered over 6 months prior. I definitely hadn’t been expecting a bill – not to mention one for over $100 (the bill was later reduced), so I’m very glad that I caught it.


Surprise Checks (woohoo)

Another near miss was a more pleasant surprise. What I thought was going to be a quarterly statement from our mortgage company – why they still send these baffles me! – ended up being a check for over $200! Woohoo! I can’t really call it free money since it was a refund from overpaying into our escrow account over the course of the previous eight months. Regardless, it was a pleasant surprise that almost ended up going into the shredder unopened.


Any unexpected come in the mail for you that got lost in the shuffle of all the junk?


5 comments to All Mail Isn’t Junk

  • i think you just convinced me that i better stop auto-shredding all the letters that come from my lender… i haven’t looked at one in probably six months!..

    i hope that i didn’t shred some free money ;D

    • The great irony of your comment is that it got caught in our spam filter =) Spam, the junk mail of the internet.

      If you find any checks when you open the envelopes can the PoP’s get a cut? jk!

  • Mail is never a good thing it seems… Although I think once, a few years ago, I received a prize for a competition I had forgotten I entered, which was nice.

    • I don’t know… we’ve had pretty good luck with the mail lately. A $10 rebate check that Mr PoP’s dad filled out in our names – and said we could keep! – came just the other day.

  • […] Tax forms are also trickling into the PoP mailbox, and though none of them should contain any surprises, for the numbers geek in me it’s always oddly satisfying to see such brief numeric summaries of a whole 365 day period.  Have you gotten all of your tax forms yet?  I believe they’re required to be mailed to you by January 31st, so keep checking the mail! […]