Thanks so much for stopping by our site.  Allow us to introduce ourselves…

Who Are The PoP’s?

This is us.  Well, a cartoon-ized version of us.  Kitty PoP, Mrs PoP, and Mr PoP.

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We’re a young couple (if early 30’s still counts as young…) that met in college, and have been in the workforce for a few years now.  In 2009, while living and working in what felt like the epicenter of the “Great Recession” – South Florida, we made some big changes.  We

  • got married,
  • got a cat,
  • bought a house,
  • and really began working as a financial team.

What’s Our Site About?

Put simply, Planting Our Pennies is a place for our musings on money, happiness, and kittens as we seek to live a ridiculously rich life without spending like a ridiculously rich couple.

  • Money – We treat our personal finances like a business, and the backbone of that is the publication of our monthly income statement and balance sheet updates.  (All of which you can find here.)  But while keeping an eye on our finances is important, what we’re really seeking is to maximize our…
  • Happiness – Long term happiness is what we’re aiming to maximize, and we don’t think that takes a crazy amount of money to accomplish.  In fact,
  • Kittens – seem to live right at the intersection of maximizing happiness per dollar spent in our experience.  So when our beloved Kitty PoP (who averages < $1/day in expenses) does something incredibly adorable, we’ll share it here.  Go ahead and call Mrs PoP a crazy cat lady, she can handle it.

What Won’t You Find Here?

While our interests are pretty broad, there are a few things you definitely won’t find here.

  1. “Extreme” Anything – If nothing else, we consider ourselves pretty moderate.  We’re not part of the extreme frugality movement, nor are we extreme when it comes to debt aversion.
  2. Fancy or Complicated Investing – Our investments are straightforward, with a mix of real estate investments and basic low-cost index and mutual funds.  We don’t take outsized risk and (though Mr PoP LOVES Warren Buffett) rarely purchase shares of any individual company.
  3. Recommendations For Anything We Don’t or Wouldn’t Use – While we occasionally mention products and tools that we use, we won’t ever recommend products based on advertising or kickbacks that we haven’t or wouldn’t use ourselves.  That’s our promise.


Thanks so much for stopping by, and please do join us on our journey – destination currently unknown.  The easiest ways to follow along are signing up to receive our posts via email or in your RSS reader.