A-Z of Saving Money EBook And A Giveaway

Today is the official release date of an e-book that the PoPs were proud to co-author.  And to celebrate, we’re participating in a giveaway.  To participate in the giveaway, don’t forget to scroll to the bottom for a chance at $250 and a free copy.


An E-Book?

Yup, we are contributing authors to an e-book that was spearheaded by Glen at Monster Piggy Bank.  He had an idea for an e-book and saw the value in recruiting quite a few bloggers to co-write, not only to ease the writing load, but to provide many different valuable perspectives in the book.

The end product an e-book called The A-Z of Saving Money, and the bloggers that contributed are:


What’s The Book About?

It’s a book of basics.  You’re not going to find techniques on investing in derivatives or how to calculate a DCF.

What you will find are 26 different topics (A-Z, get it?) that are covered from a variety of different perspectives that I think are great reading for someone who is new to saving or who struggles with it and needs a little inspiration.

The topics covered vary from lifestyle topics like dating (written by Tonya at Budget at the Beach), marriage (written by Michelle at See Debt Run), and babies (written by Andy at Work Save Live) all the way through investing basics (written by the Savvy Scot).  Like I said, though – no derivatives!  =)

Personally, it’s the kind of book I’d buy as a gift for someone who is just starting out on their personal finance journey as there’s bound to be an author (or 10!) whose perspective and experiences resonate with the reader.  But hey, maybe I’m biased.

Click here if you want to buy The A-Z of Saving Money.  It’s $14.99 and chock-full of 140+ pages of information.
Disclaimer – at the risk of stating the obvious, as co-authors we will earn a small amount of money if you choose to purchase.


Don’t forget to enter to win the giveaway below, as well.  And come back tomorrow for a post in which we don’t shill something for potential monetary gain.  =)

Sorry, the giveaway has ended.

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