Ice cream for lunch

Lunches out tend to be some of the biggest budget busters that many couples don’t think about.  $10 per day, five days a week, fifty weeks a year… that’s $2,500 per person, every year… on lunches that are probably forgotten about moments later.  Instead of wasting money on lunches like this, Mr. PoP and I try to bring our lunches to work most of the time to save the “eating out” budget for occasions like going out on dates with each other or getting together with friends.


Tart Fro Yo with blackberries, strawberries and granola

Last week, however, there was an exception.  After a particularly frustrating morning at the office, I realized I had forgotten my lunch.  Hungry, annoyed, and wanting to drop my computer out of an open window, it was just as well that my potato soup still sat in the refrigerator at home, because I’m not sure it would have been able to appease my frustration that day.  Instead, I turned to my colleagues and said something that shocked them.  “I need ice cream for lunch.”

You see, for all our big talk about investing in our health, Mr. PoP and I are both human. And we have vices and weaknesses like anybody else.  My vice that day $8 worth of frozen yogurt instead of a proper healthy lunch.  It was horribly overpriced and would lead to both a brain freeze in the near term, and a sugar rush a little later that afternoon.  But that fro yo felt like it was worth every penny during those few minutes while I sat outside on a sunny summer afternoon and enjoyed every bite of my tart frozen yogurt, especially savoring the blackberries.


Was it expensive?  Yes.  Much more expensive than the leftover soup I meant to bring with me that day.

Was it good for me?  Not really.  Though admittedly, my co-workers laughed that my version of “ice cream for lunch” was actually frozen yogurt topped with fruit and granola.

Did it make my work problems from the morning go away?  No.  They were still there when I got back to my desk.

Was I embarrassed to tell Mr. PoP about my lunchtime excursion later that night?  Absolutely.

So should I beat myself up over this?  Not for a second.


Mr. PoP and I try to be good.  We try to bring our lunches to work every day to save money.  We try to eat right to stay healthy and strong when we’re old.  But we’re not perfect.  So we live with that.  And we hope that by trying to do the right thing for our health and our pocketbook most days, that gives us the freedom to not lose sleep over the days when perfection isn’t quite attainable.


What are some of your occasional vices that you forgive yourself for?  Do you think they are really adding up and hurting your overall goals?


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